Pass Me The Book! Grado Turns His Back On ICW

Full disclosure here, I saw this discussion brought up on ‘The official ICW fans group’ on Facebook and my mind started racing, thinking of scenarios that could see ‘the chubby wee chancer’ become a villian in Insane Championship Wrestling. We got a preview during the Grado-Renfrew fued, of a perhaps more cockier and a certainly more serious Grado.

With the swirling rumours of ICW coming to the WWE Network we may only get a fleeting chance of seeing Grado become the baddie due to his commitments with Impact Wrestling and World of Sport Wrestling, this may provide the perfect foundation for the once beloved to be become the most hated.

The key here is to restrict this to ICW only, so whether it’s PWE, BCW or PBW, anywhere else I’d want Grado to still be the loveable clown who is there to get folk to laugh till they cry.

Grado faces and loses to Wolfgang at Barramania III which could be seen as a battle between Impact Wrestling and WWE. The match itself doesn’t really need to come into play with this scenario it’s more what happens during the show and that is an all out attack on Sha Samuels, his Pinky Party brother. It would be during the Falls Count Anywhere match between Samuels and Kid Fite, a hooded figure will take a weapon to Sha which allows Fite to gain the pinfall and walk away. The mystery assailant then continues the assault before revealing himself to be Grado. He would smirk and leave before being confronted by Mark Dallas at the entrance, for now Grado would just smirk at Dallas, saying nothing, before walking behind the curtain.

He would then ignore numerous backstage interview attempts from Veronica, Molly & Jennifer by walking away looking smug with himself.

Next he answers the Kenny Williams Zero G Championship Open Challenge at the QMU at the next Fight Club, sporting trunks instead of the singlet and a slowed down version of Like A Prayer (or something similar sounding to get past copyright). Williams would try to get Grado to talk but just receives a battering for his efforts and Grado is only pulled off a fallen Kenny when Sha rushes in to make the save, the match is thrown out as a no contest. Grado backs off but just smiles after a job well done.

The next show in Leicester it is announced that Sha would take on Grado but Grado doesn’t show up, instead a video of Grado in Orlando is shown on screen in a suit. Staring into the camera and just raises a middle finger before the video ends. The next night in Cardiff, Sha faces Lionheart but a video with a slowed down version of Like A Prayer is played showing footage of Samuels getting beaten down from Barramania III which is enough to distract him to get rolled up by Lionheart. The last night of the tour in London sees Sha due to face Aaron Echo but as he enters Grado jumps him and ends the attack with hitting the Wee Boot while Sha’s head is leaning on the ringpost on the outside. Sha is stretchered out.

The following taping takes place in Glasgow at The Garage, Mark Dallas requests Grado to come out to explain his actions. He comes out in a suit, taking the microphone for a long pause. He goes onto explain that he is reason for all the success in ICW and British wrestling as a whole, that he was getting fed up of having others ride his coat tails and that without him there would be no sell outs, no Barrowlands, no Hydro, no Mick Foley, no Finn Balor and no Mark Dallas. He was leaving ICW to fester while he makes British wrestling and Impact Wrestling ‘great again’. He slaps Dallas shouting that he can’t be fired as he’s his biggest merch seller, the reason that these people are at The Garage and he’ll be back in ICW when Mark can afford him.

In the interim, Grado allows Billy Kirkwood to present a sit down interview with him where he goes into a little more detail on his speech from the previous Glasgow taping. He’s asked about Sha and Grado brushes it off saying that it was unfortunate that Samuels wanted to piggyback on his success instead of making a name for himself. He then goes onto say that if Dallas is able to scrape enough money from New York he will come to Fight Club.

Grado returns on the July 9th taping after a month and a half away on the run up to Shug’s Hoose Party 4. He’s pitted against Ravie Davie in a match that is a parody of a parody, Grado mockingly and slowly does his usual hotdogging and grandstanding around the ring before flipping the middle finger to the crowd. All the while he calls Ravie Davie an attempt to replace Grado, a fraud, a puppet. He beats down Davie, including whipping him with a belt, to the point of placing his head onto the ring post for the Wee Boot, the same move that took out Sha Samuels, but is interupted by the entrance music of the returning Sha, they stare each other down but Grado decides to leave, only to be blocked by Mark Dallas announcing that he will face Sha Samuels at Shug’s Hoose Party 4.

We then get a video of Grado smashing up a locker room in a fit of rage complaining that nobody respects what he has done for ICW, they have made him to look like an idiot to sell tickets, that he was a World Heavyweight Champion not just some bumbag toting clown. He then says in heat of the moment that if he looses at Shug’s he will quit ICW and watch it die. Dallas responds saying that he likes that idea and hopes that Grado falls on his sword because no one person is bigger than ICW, he makes the match at Shug’s an ‘I Quit’ match.

On the night of Shug’s Hoose Party 4, Grado and Sha immediately get into a brawl with hands getting thrown all over the place. Less a wrestling match and more akin to a fight. The match ends when Grado attempts the Wee Boot onto the post to once again injure Sha but Samuels moves, Grado boots the post and is recovering which allows Sha enough time to choke Grado with a bumbag. Grado passes out which gives Samuels the victory but never says I Quit.

As Sha leaves, Grado comes round to find out he has lost and looks around dumbfounded with tears in his eyes he leaves.

Would be entertaining viewing, it could freshen up Grado in ICW plus it gives it almost a trial run. Push comes to shove he can return a few months down the line in time for the road to Fear & Loathing humbled and requesting forgiveness but a Grado that isn’t about the fans and is selfish would certainly draw some eyes in. What are your thoughts? Can you imagine Grado has the biggest villian in ICW?

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