The Life of Smith: Grappling at Grapple (once again) – Part Two

After a day that involved trampolines and going to see Kong: Skull Island, I had most of Saturday to myself. The day saw me go to the gym before making the 20 minute walk to check out the RISE show at Eiger Studios in Leeds. I was not familiar with RISE that much before this show, having only really seen a few pictures and videos of their shows, but I was half expecting there to be a crazy, over 18’s atmosphere to the show.

Eiger Studios is a smaller venue than most, but this made for an intimate and rowdy atmosphere featuring a good mixture of match-ups and styles. I was chuffed to see how much a lot of the guys I know from Grapple have progressed, with Amir Jordan having a solid and entertaining opening match with Boris Koslov and David Graves and Liam Slater engaging in a great back and forth match that showcased traditional wrestling.

It was intriguing to see ‘Pastor’ William Eaver in a more villainous role, with me being more familiar with his work as a fan favourite at Progress Wrestling and Dr Leonardo Darwin did a stellar job aggravating the Leeds audience. Saxon Huxley and Big Joe fought all over the building and beyond in the main event, with Saxon retaining the RISE Championship. The next RISE show will be on Saturday 20 th May as they return to Leeds and the Eiger Studios venue.

I decided to have a quiet night in after the RISE event, with me occasionally being woken up by noisy drunk people in my dorm but still sleeping okay. My Sunday afternoon consisted of training at Grapple, with World of Sport and British wrestling legend Marty Jones leading the training session. I feel like I redeemed myself from the Johnny Moss and Marty Jones camp from a couple of months ago at this session. At the camp, I struggled with some of the exercises and getting myself out of bad habits, but I have worked on bettering myself since then and I felt the difference at this session.

Conditioning, bumping, various chain sequences and moves were explored, with Marty being complimentary towards my performance at the session and being able to lead a match. Like the session with El Ligero, there will be a lot of what was said and done that will be taken away from this session and back north of the border with me.

I concluded my last full day in Leeds with going to see the film Hidden Figures, a tremendous film based on true events and explores the story of three female, African American mathematicians working for NASA during the ‘Space Race’ between the United States and The Soviet Union in the 1960s. It explores the gender and ethnic barriers that were in place during that time and the film told a great story of how the three women overcame those barriers. This trip to Leeds seems to have turned me into a film buff, but I really enjoyed this film and would strongly recommend anyone to give it a watch.

The Monday saw me make the return journey from Leeds to Dundee. The Megabus for this journey often runs late because it usually starts at London, but it was only ten minutes late this time around, with the bus leaving Leeds at 2pm. There was a layover at Edinburgh bus station for an hour or so, but aside from that the journey was rather straightforward and I was in Dundee for 9:40pm and home before 10pm. There was a case of holiday blues suffered after being Leeds and like most holidays I go on, it went ridiculously quick and now feels like a distant memory, but I enjoyed my stay there and plan on visiting again at some point in the future.

It will be back to business for yours truly this weekend, as I will be at the W3L shows in Galashiels on Friday and Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon, before wrestling Theo Doros at the Reckless Intent show taking place in the Murieston Scout Hall and ending the weekend by attending the Paul Tracey seminar at the Reckless Intent Pro Wrestling School on Sunday. An eventful weekend no doubt, but that is how I like it in the life of Smith. Good day.

Itinerary of Smith. March and April.

March 31st – World Wide Wrestling League (W3L), Galashiels Town Hall
April 1st – W3L, Edinburgh, Southside Community Centre
April 1st – Reckless Intent Wrestling, Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston
April 2nd – Paul Tracey seminar at the The Reckless Intent Pro Wrestling School, Livingston
April 22nd – Deadlift competition at Fit4Less gym, Main Street, Dundee
April 30th – Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate seminar at the Source Wrestling School, Glasgow

Still available for more dates. Drop me a PM or e-mail for more info. Good day.

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