Wrestler Spotlight: Tommy End

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at ICW alumni Tommy End, who makes his NXT debut this weekend in Orlando.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Tommy End, Tommy the End, Thomas van Dyck, Aleister Black
Nicknames – “The Anti-Hero”, “The End”, “Hellion”, “The Dutch Destructor”, “The Ominous Man from Amsterdam”
Companies Wrestled For – Freestyle Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Showdown, westside Xtreme wrestling, IWA Switzerland, East Side Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Holland, Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Flemish Wrestling Force, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Westside Dojo, German Stampede Wrestling, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, International Catch Wrestling Alliance, Hybrid Pro Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Fiend Wrestling Germany, German Hurricane Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Allstars, N’Catch, Be. Catch Company, Combat Zone Wrestling, Premier Promotions, Big Japan Pro-Wrestling, German Wrestling Promotion, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain, Revolutionary Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Secret Base, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Adriatic Special Combat Academy, Insane Championship Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, Fight Club: PRO, Premier British Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, Infinite Promotions, X Wrestling Alliance,Future Pro Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, EVOLVE Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, European Pro Wrestling, Superkick’D, AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined, World Wrestling Entertainment, Over the Top Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Blitzkreig Pro and Absolute Intense Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x wXw World Lightweight Champion
1x ICWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion
1x and first ever CWN Mittelgewichtsmeisterschaft Champion
1x and only FWG Lightweight Champion
2x wXw World Tag Team Champion w/Anthony Zeus and w/Michael Dante & Mikey Whiplash
1x and first ever PWS Heavyweight Champion
1x ICWA European Tag Team Champion w/Michael Dante
1x ICW Tag Team Champion w/Michael Dante
1x wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion
1x SWE Tag Team Champion w/Michael Dante
1x FCP Champion
1x PROGRESS Tag Team Champion w/Michael Dante
1x ICWA Heavyweight Champion
1x PWH Tag Team Champion w/Michael Dante
1x NXT Champion
2006 wXw World Lightweight Tournament Winner
2011 wXw Chase the Mahamla Winner
2013 and 2015 wXw 16 Carat Gold Winner
2013 ASCA Super 8 Cup Winner
2016 PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Winner
2019 WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner w/Ricochet
Signature Moves – Black Mass (Spinning Back Kick), Blood Moon Stomp/Owari Death Stomp (Diving Double Foot Stomp), Dragon Slayer/Owari Death Clutch (Modified Dragon Sleeper), Anti-Cross (Modified Octopus Hold), Anti-Hero (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Diving Somersault Cutter Combo w/Michael Dante), Black Mass (Tossing Front Suplex into a Powerslam w/Michael Dante), Dead Man’s Trigger (Bearhug Hold/Diving Double Knee Drop Combo w/Michael Dante), Majestic Twelve (Running Knee Strike/Spear Combo to a cornered opponent w/Michael Dante)
Alliances – The Sumerian Death Squad w/Anthony Zeus, The Chocolate City Saga w/Andrew Patterson, The Crimson City Saga w/Zack Sabre Jr., Heroes Eventually Die w/Chris Hero, The Next Generation Superstars w/Steve Douglas, The Sumerian Death Squad w/Michael Dante, Legion w/Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante, Euro Trash w/Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr., The Mind w/Adam Polak, Big Van Walter, Michael Dante & Karsten Beck, w/Ricochet, w/Scottish Ghetto Boy
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