Wrestler Spotlight: Paul Tracey

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at the current Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion, Paul Tracey.

– Adam Morrison

Photo credit Reckless Intent Wrestling

Alias – Paul Tracey
Nicknames – “The Lord of the Manor”
Companies Wrestled For – National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland, Canadian Wrestling Federation, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Independent Wrestling Federation, Empire Wrestling Federation, New Japan Dojo, All Pro Wrestling, No Limit Wrestling, Alternative Wrestling Show, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Rising Phoenix Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, Eastern Pro Wrestling, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance Quebec, American Wrestling Rampage, Nordisch Fight Club, Pro Wrestling Fighters, Sports Entertainment Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Asociación Espańola de Wrestling, Dragon Gate, westside Xtreme wrestling, Premier Promotions, Premier British Wrestling, American Wrestling Superstars, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, SMASH, Pro Wrestling ZERO1, Source Wrestling School, Association Biterroise de Catch, Insane Championship Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, Romanian Wrestling Alliance, Revolution Championship Wrestling, Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling, Dansk Pro Wrestling, Maximum Wrestling, Northern Championship Wrestling, Combat Revolution Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling and Norwegian Wrestling Federation
Titles & Accomplishments
2x NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Champion (4 days, 18 days)
2x NWA British Commonwealth Champion (425 days, <1 day)

3x AWR No Limits Champion/NLW Heavyweight Champion (245 days, 2 days, 190 days)
1x ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Champion (2 days)
1x ZERO1 Ireland Heavyweight Champion (1570 days)
1x Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion (151 days as of 05/04//17)
1x SWA King of the Ring Winner (2007)
1x CWN Norddeutschland Cup Winner (2010)
1x WRESTLING.IE King of the Ring Winner (2010)
1x RIW Reckless Rumble Winner (2016)
Signature Moves – Peasant Planter (Spinout Snapmare Driver), Serf Slayer (Spinout Lariat)
Alliances – Team Ireland w/Fergal Devitt, The Rulebreakers w/Bonesaw McGraw, JC Williams, King Killian, Omen, Shawn Maxer & The Executioner, The Social Elite w/Charlie Sterling & Jordan Devlin, The Aristocrats Club w/Kid Fite, Liam Thomson & Mark Anthony, Ladymeat w/The Butcher & The Raging Bull, Paul Tracey Guys w/David Devlin, Glen Dunbar & Lucian Maynard Smith
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