The Life of Smith: Golf, Alpha, Lima, Alpha, Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Sierra, Galashiels.

After grappling with Grapple Wrestling in Leeds and suffering from a week of busman’s holiday blues, it was back to business as W3L hosted a live event in Galashiels on Friday 31st March. Due to me misreading the meeting time, I was uncharacteristically late to meeting the ‘Dundee car’ consisting of Kevin Williams, The Very Good Mister Euan G Mackie and Kevin’s fiancée Linzi. We met Johnny and Callum Lions, as well as Jamie Jones at W3L HQ in Kirkcaldy to load the ring truck and once that was done, we were on our way to Galashiels.

Friday afternoon City of Edinburgh Bypass traffic and an accident that occurred saw us stuck in a fair amount of traffic on the way to Galashiels, but we managed to get there in decent time and the set up process ran smoothly. The show itself had a good attendance and atmosphere, with some good match ups from the top of the bill to the bottom. After Nathan Black had defeated Danny Boy Rodgers and Johnny Lions had beaten Liam Thomson, I competed against El Technico to kick off the second half of the show in a contest that saw him roll me up after I attempted to give him a Big Boot.

The show concluded with the Galashiels Rumble, with Liam Thomson last eliminating Johnny Lions and myself claiming the bronze medal as the second to last eliminated participant. This show would also be the last show for Nathan Black, someone that I have teamed and competed against and someone that competed for companies such as SWA, Wrestlezone and All-Star, as well as various companies around Europe, most notably promotions based in France and Italy. I have and always will appreciate his honesty, as well as his ability as an all-around wrestler and I wish him all the best for the future.

After the show, it was the matter of loading all of the equipment into the ring truck and then venturing home. There were some tremendous musical requests made on the car journey home, with me being introduced to the Super Mario Brothers Can Can, listening to various themes from Metal Gear Solid and requesting Eddy Gordo’s background music from Tekken 3, which gave me great memories of mashing the O and X buttons when playing as that character and I am eagerly anticipating the release of Tekken 7 on the PS4. I really enjoyed the Galashiels show and I was pleased to see an improved attendance and atmosphere as I debuted in that town. I think it would be interesting if there was a gala day take place in Galashiels (ba dum tish).

My next blog will see me explore the day after Galashiels, as I competed on two shows in one day on Saturday 1st April, April Fool’s Day of all days! I would be competing at the Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh for W3L and then attempting to escape the sometimes nightmarish Edinburgh roads as I make my singles debut for Reckless Intent in Livingston. Until then though, that is THE Life of Smith. Good day.

Itinerary of Smith. April.

April 22nd – Deadlift competition at Fit4Less gym, Main Street, Dundee

April 30th – Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate seminar at the Source Wrestling School, Glasgow

Still available for more dates. Drop me a PM or e-mail for more info. Good day.