The Life Of Smith: Two Shows, Many Road Discrepancies

After an enjoyable Galashiels show, it was time for not just one, but two shows. The first one would be an afternoon show for W3L at the Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh and the second one was for Reckless Intent at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston. These shows happened to fall on April Fool’s Day (1st April) and fate can be a heck of an April Fool’s joker.

Given the nature of Edinburgh roads and traffic, I decided to leave early in an attempt to arrive in good time. A significant amount of traffic around the Dunfermline/Rosyth area of the A90 added a fair amount of time to my journey, but aside from that and the abundance of 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh, the journey to the venue was okay. I was the first at the venue and decided to post my first ever live Facebook video, a historic event and there will be plenty more where that came from moving forward!

Due to the delays on the A90, we were rather late setting up and the Southside Community Centre is notoriously the worst ring job out of all the W3L venues, with the posts and frames of the ring being very heavy and the venue itself consisting of stairs, the bane of any ring crew’s existence! The team did well and pulled through though and once the set up was done, it was time for the show.

A lot of the events that occurred will likely take place on future episodes of W3L Wrestling Showdown, so to avoid spoilers, I will likely come across as vague in my analysis of the event. The show saw an improved attendance in comparison to last year’s event, which was great to see and I would face off against Mike Musso, a regular opponent of mine over the years in a match that has been described as a ‘solid match’ by some attendees. As I said, this match is likely to air on Showdown, so keep your eyes peeled, hit the ‘subscribe’ button on W3L’s YouTube channel and try not to say that last sentence in Stevie The Wizard’s voice!

After the show, myself and The Very Good Mister Euan G Mackie headed off to Livingston for Reckless Intent and made it in time for the doors opening after escaping the clutches of the Edinburgh roads and me taking a wrong turning in the maze that is Livingston! The show started with an address from his lordship, the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion Paul Tracey, before he was interrupted by Andy Wild and challenged to a championship match. After a cheap shot courtesy of Wild, the challenge was accepted and myself and my Social Elite comrades of David Devlin and Glen Dunbar had to physically refrain his lordship from getting his hands on Wild before the show’s main event.

This show would see me making my singles debut for Reckless Intent, as I competed against House of Saynt representative and the very talented Theo Doros. Aside from the unfortunate loss, I was pleased with the competitiveness of the match and I would go as far as saying that it was my favourite match of 2017 and in my ‘top five’ favourite matches of my career. I can see myself and Theo competing against one another again though and when that does happen, I will be ready.

photo credit David J Wilson

Paul Tracey ended up retaining his championship versus Andy Wild and the next challenger for his title is Chris Renfrew, as they face off against one another on 29th April at the Reckless Intent show in Twechar. After The Social Elite laid the boots to Wild, the dressing room emptied to come to his aid. I was not expecting to be thrown into a ring full of angry fan favourites by Devlin and his lordship, but this was settled between myself and The Social Elite over some wine later on in the night.

Next week will explore the seminar that took place at the Reckless Intent Pro Wrestling School the following day, hosted by his lordship himself, Paul Tracey. I always enjoy learning from his lordship and him sharing his wealth of experience, but there will be more detail in regards to that next week. Until then though, that is THE Life of Smith. Good day.

Itinerary of Smith. April.

April 22nd – Deadlift competition at Fit4Less gym, Main Street, Dundee

April 30th – Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate seminar at the Source Wrestling School, Glasgow

Still available for more dates. Drop me a PM or e-mail for more info. Good day.