ICW Barramania III Preview by Adam Morrison

For the third year in a row, ICW are coming to Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom for Barramania III. A huge night of action is set, including the first ever Barbed Wire Ropes Match in Scottish wrestling history, a hellacious Last Man Standing Match and a huge main event for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Trent Seven (c) vs Joe Coffey

The main event for this Sunday’s show will see Trent Seven defend his World Heavyweight Title against Joe Coffey, who is cashing in his 2017 Square Go! contract. Joe is wasting no time in cashing in his opportunity after winning the briefcase just two months ago. Having won the ICW World Title at Shug’s Hoose Party III this past July, Joe had the belt ripped away from him by Wolfgang who cashed in the 2016 Square Go! contract. The Iron Man will be looking for a much longer reign after this Sunday, as he gets his opportunity against the leader of the Trent Seven Army. After finally winning the gold in February, Trent has been unstoppable. These two men ended the 6th Annual Square Go! with a tense staredown, the big money match sealed for somewhere down the line. The time for that match has come, as Joe and Trent prepare to do battle over the ICW World Title.

6-Man Scramble Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship – Kenny Williams (c) vs Matt Cross vs Ravie Davie vs Flash Morgan Webster vs Charlie Sterling vs ???

Over the recent ICW events all around the UK, Kenny Williams has been issuing open challenges for his Zero-G Championship. A mixture of names have accepted the opportunities, from Davey Blaze to Martin Kirby to Andy Wild. This Sunday, Kenny will continue his challenge and put his gold on the line against 5 other men in a Scramble match. Answering the challenge this time around are the returning Matt Cross, Ravie Davie, Flash Morgan Webster, Charlie Sterling and a mystery sixth challenger. ICW fans worldwide have had their say on who the last man could be, with Aaron Echo, Will Ospreay, Jigsaw and Tyler Bate having their names thrown about. Kenny will need a miracle if he hopes to walk out of Barramania with the Zero-G Championship in his possession.

ICW Tag Team Championships – Bird & Boar (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith

Ever since winning the ICW Tag Team Championships from Polo Promotions at the Square Go! back at the start of February, Bird & Boar have been steamrolling their way through everyone put in front of them. But they may have finally met their match, as this Sunday they defend against World of Sport stars Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith. The pair made their tag team debut at ICW’s recent Fight Club show in Leeds, easily dismantling the GPWA duo of Leyton Buzzard and Michael Parks. After the match, Brown and Smith made it clear why they came to ICW as they challenged Bird & Boar to a title bout at Barramania. The referee will have a tough time trying to keep this one in order.

Barbed Wire Ropes Match – Drew Galloway vs Jack Jester

Longtime friends will be on opposite sides of the ring this Sunday as Drew Galloway goes one on one with Jack Jester. Ever since Jester turned on The Black Label back at Fear & Loathing IX in November, these two have been eager to get their hands on each other. Drew’s cryptic videos leading up to this match appear to have been causing problems in the mind of Jester, who stormed out of the building refusing to listen. Jack allowed Drew to pick a stipulation for the bout, with the chosen match type being a first for Scottish wrestling, a Barbed Wire Ropes Match. With the news that Drew has recently signed with NXT, this will be the last time for a while that these former best friends can get their hands on each other.

Barras Street Fight – Kid Fite vs Sha Samuels

This year’s Barramania is the show for grudges to end, as former 55 members Kid Fite and Sha Samuels face off in a Barras Street Fight. After dominating the ICW tag division, Sha turned on Kid Fite at Shug’s Hoose Party III and sided with Mark Dallas. Since then, they’ve been butting heads whenever possible. Their Falls Count Anywhere Match during a December taping of Fight Club ended without a winner. Both men will be relentless in this contest, focusing on hurting each other more than trying to win the match. Will this long-standing rivalry finally come to an end?

Last Man Standing Match – Chris Renfrew vs Stevie Boy

When Stevie Boy joined the New Age Kliq, the fans were shocked. When Stevie turned on the New Age Kliq, the fans were even more shocked. After more than a year since Stevie turned his back on Chris Renfrew, the two will finally settle their differences this Sunday in a Last Man Standing Match. These two have been at each other for months, which included colliding on opposite sides of a Tag Team Street Fight during a February taping of ICW Fight Club. That match saw Stevie come out victorious alongside his former Bucky Boys partner Davey Blaze, while Renfrew was left in a pool of his own blood. Both of these men are known for their mean streaks, willing to put it all on the line to inflict pain on their opponents. But on this night, who will be able to make it past the referee’s count of 10?

Wolfgang vs Grado

In a bid to prove he’s the greatest wrestler in ICW history, Wolfgang has challenged Grado to a match at Barramania in what can be viewed as WWE vs TNA. Armed with his trusty brass knuckles, Wolfgang has knocked down anyone in his path to showcase his dominance over the ICW locker room. After competing in WWE’s UK Championship Tournament this past January, The Regulator has become one of the most talked about names in the world. But he’s not the only Scotsman to make it to TV, with Grado appearing for TNA and World of Sport, where he is the reigning World of Sport Champion. This will be Grado’s first match for ICW since their show in Manchester on February 19th, where he defeated Jack Jester. This bout between two of Scotland’s most recognizable wrestlers will surely determine who is the better athlete.

Joe Hendry vs Lionheart

One of the most personal matches in ICW history will take place at the Barrowlands. Lionheart and Joe Hendry, Local Hero, have taken their rivalry to a whole new level due to comments made by Lionheart regarding Joe’s personal life. The comments led Hendry to attack the former Zero-G Champion during a show in Manchester, something not typically seen from The Local Hero. While things appear to have gone slightly better with Joe becoming the PWE Heavyweight Champion, there’s sure to be some animosity left between them. Management have been able to keep the two apart as much as they possibly can in the build to the match but when they meet on Sunday, there’s no saying what could happen when they finally clash.

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) vs War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe)

The newly crowned IWGP Tag Team Champions War Machine have shown their dominance over the tag divisions of ROH and NJPW, but this Sunday they take on Scotland’s beeeeeesssssstttttt tag team Polo Promotions. After unseating TenKoji to become the new tag champs over in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the destructive duo known as War Machine will look to take down Polo Promotions this Sunday. Although it’s unlikely to happen, what a treat it would be to have the IWGP Tag Team Championships on the line in an ICW ring.

Intergender Match – Davey Blaze & Kay Lee Ray vs DCT & Viper

The final match signed for this Sunday will see Davey Blaze and the ICW Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray team up to take on the husband and wife duo of DCT and Viper. The bad blood between Kay Lee Ray and Viper has been spilling for the past few months, with KLR beating Viper and defending champion Carmel Jacob to win the Women’s Title back at Fear & Loathing IX. Since then, Kay Lee Ray has kept her grip tight on the belt. At Barramania, Viper wants to put KLR down once and for all but she wants to do it alongside her husband DCT. This has led to an Intergender Match being signed, with Davey Blaze stepping in as Kay Lee Ray’s partner. As The Wee Man stated, come Barramania, the honeymoon is over.


In the buildup to Barramania, ICW have been teasing fans with a series of mysterious videos. The most recent video gave us our first look at this man. Fans have speculated as to who this person is, with Mikey Whiplash and Bram as the most notable names. All will be revealed this Sunday at the Barrowlands.

Food Drive

At Barramania, ICW will be teaming up with New Hellfire Club and WestGAP for a food drive. For fans attending the show, they can bring down any non-perishable food items and toiletries to the Barrowlands and they will be picked up from there.

Limited tickets will be available at the door on a first come, first served basis. The show will be live on the FITE app and available to watch the next day on ICW OnDemand.

Announced Matches
ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Trent Seven(c) vs Joe Coffey
ICW Zero-G Championship Scramble Match: Kenny Williams(c) vs Matt Cross vs Ravie Davie vs Flash Morgan Webster vs Charlie Sterling vs ???
ICW Tag Team Championships: Bird & Boar(c) vs Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith
Barbed Wire Ropes Match: Drew Galloway vs Jack Jester
Barras Street Fight: Sha Samuels vs Kid Fite
Last Man Standing Match: Chris Renfrew vs Stevie Boy
Wolfgang vs Grado
Joe Hendry vs Lionheart
Polo Promotions vs War Machine
Intergender Match: DCT & Viper vs Davey Blaze & Kay Lee Ray