3 Years Of OSWtv – The Long Thank You

Good morrow people of the internet, it is I, Billy Strachan. The Captain of the good ship OSWtv. Today marks three years since this website opened and it’s remarkable that it’s still going.

So be prepared as I ramble for a bit thanking folk and regrettably missing those that were pivotal but the memory banks decided to misplace their name. Don’t take it personally, it’s a flawed system.

From the foundations of a YouTube show inspired by then-role as an admin at OSW Chat on Facebook with Davin, which ambled to a halt, the website idea was drawn from the ashes, initially a Facebook page but evolved into a website that included interviews, previews and reviews with wrestlers and content which was mainly about Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, which was my go to promotion in late 2012-2014. It also included my wrestling ‘story’, it was horrible so avoid searching for ‘A Journey Through Time’, really don’t, it’s not worth your time and energy to read. ‘A Journey Through Boredom’ would be more accurate.

A labour of love opened me up to a new world of professional wrestling and with that the other fine folk that were also writing and speaking about wrestling in this country like Alex from Scottish Wrestling Ring, Alan from Scottish Wrestling Central and Andy from Wrestle Ropes. SWR and SWC are sadly now defunct but the relationship between OSWtv and Wrestle Ropes has afforded more opportunity and expansion that wasn’t imaginable back in 2013. Also should give a hearty shout to the boys at Breaking Baws, Chris at A Wee Bit About and Martin at Snapmare Necks, the Scottish Wrestling Network will happen one day!

As the website expanded to cover more wrestlers and companies, the advice given was invaluable. Darren Goss, Jam O’Malley and Alan Smith were really three that took me aside (on Facebook messenger) and really helped in tweaking the little things I was doing and how to respect the business that I’m writing about. They didn’t have to, which shows how much they care about the industry they are involved with, others may’ve left me to crash and burn. To them they may’ve just been just chatting but to me they were teaching.

The fact that this website has granted opportunities to get a little bit behind the scenes like appearing a handful of times on SWE shows, first as a clueless fan who couldn’t work a microphone to the guy that wore an ill fitting shirt and black trouser combo before losing his clip on tie several times during an event. Those experiences not only allowed me to peak behind the curtain but to also fuel my passion for the business. I’m never going to be a wrestler but to have those moments, that is all I need.

Much like how I got to help at Rock N Wrestle when it started as it’s own promotion, getting to pick up wrestlers from the airport was incredible and meeting the likes of Joe E Legend, Rob Terry, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Chris Masters, Sonjay Dutt and Colt Cabana were all drives that I will never forget. Getting to produce their match graphics and posters is also something I couldn’t imagine doing but have somehow ended up doing it and I love it.

Think that’s the thing, when this started it was just about going to a show and writing about it, maybe getting someone to answer a couple questions via email. Now I have a team of writers that also go to shows and send their thoughts to me, guys like Adam, Euan, Daniel, Martin, Micheal, Craig, Craig, who provide their takes, their perspectives on events which is unique to them. To also have people like Darren and Luke who provide regular articles, there are so many cogs to this machine. From the podcasts that have allowed us to share their content on the site, or those that have made contact to advertise themselves or their product, to the websites that have allowed me to write for them like Across The Pond Wrestling and BritWres Review, from those that have agreed to grant us interviews, to those that have actually sent them back. Anyone that suffered through doing an actual face to face interview with me full of awkward pauses. To the team over on Facebook, Kyle, Courtney, Andy and Kevin that keep me sane.

Friends have been made, friends have been lost, but wrestling lasts forever.

Could’ve just done a list after reading all that back.

For a website that is a niche of a niche of a niche, it’s doing alright.