Wrestler Spotlight: El Ligero

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at the world-travelled El Ligero, who makes his return to BCW this coming Friday.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – El Ligero, Elf Ligero, Negras Ligero, Faceless #3
Nicknames – “The Mexican Sensation”
Companies Wrestled For – Grand Pro Wrestling, Revolution British Wrestling, FWA Academy, European Wrestling Federation, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Original Pro Wrestling Organisation, 4 Front Wrestling, Force Francophone de Catch, Dutch Pro Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, One Pro Wrestling, SAS Wrestling, Norton British Wrestling, Real Deal Wrestling, British Hybrid Wrestling, FutureShock Wrestling, Gerry Norton Promotions, Premier British Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance, Northern Wrestling League, Power Trip Wrestling, Irish Whip Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, Future Championship Wrestling, South Wales Championship Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, Alternative Wrestling World, House of Pain Wrestling, Extreme World Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, Dynamic Pro Wrestling, Shooting Star Wrestling, Eventos de Wrestling Europeo, This is Wrestling, Independent Wrestling Federation, Wrestle Midlands, New Revolution Wrestling, A-Merchandise, Pro Wrestling NOAH, All Star Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 101, British Wrestling Entertainment, Phoenix Pro Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, Tigers Pro Wrestling, North East Wrestling Society, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Devon Wrestling Association, Be. Catch Company, Insane Championship Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Pro Wrestling Elite, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, PROGRESS Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Leicester Championship Wrestling, New Breed Wrestling Association, Kamikaze Pro, Future Pro Wrestling, House of Pain: Evolution, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, HXC Wrestling, South East Wrestling, Wu Tech Wrestling, Megaslam Wrestling, Infinite Promotions, Swiss Wrestling Entertainment, Alpha Omega Wrestling, True Grit Wrestling, Wrestling Stars, Impact Wrestling, UK Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Full House Wrestling, New Wave Wrestling Alliance, Monkey Madness Wrestling, Grapple Wrestling, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Power Wrestling Entertainment, Entertainment Wrestling Association, Pro Wrestling Heroes, Plex Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, Climax Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, Rising Sun Wrestling Promotion, Cornish Pro Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Plymouth Wrestling Association, Frontier Championship Wrestling, Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Romanian Pro Wrestling, World of Sport Wrestling, WrestlingKULT and Lucha Forever
Titles & Accomplishments
1x NBW Cruiserweight Champion (length unknown)
1x TXW Crush Champion (56 days)
1x RDW Lightweight Champion (length unknown)
1x TXW Ax Champion (<1 day)
1x NWL Elite Tag Team Champion w/Bubblegum (77 days)
1x 1PW Tag Team Champion w/Bubblegum (69 days)
3x XWA Flyweight Champion (224 days, 63 days, 567 days)
1x and first ever SAS Tag Team Champion w/Bubblegum (98 days)
1x RDW Lincolnshire Regional Champion (length unknown)
1x BHW Heavyweight Champion (776 days)
1x RDW Tag Team Champion w/Martin Kirby (257 days)
1x 3CW Heavyweight/Triple Crown Champion (49 days, 602 days)
1x PTW Heavyweight Champion (length unknown)
1x RDW European Champion (245 days)
1x and first ever PPW Champion (490 days)
1x and first ever NGW Tag Team Champion w/Dara Diablo (307 days)
1x and only NEWS British Champion (546 days)
1x PROGRESS Champion (245 days)
2x and first ever TCW Champion (56 days, 224 days)
1x NGW Undisputed Champion (390 days)
1x SWE Champion (50 days)
2x PROGRESS Tag Team Champion w/Nathan Cruz (1 day, 182 days)
1x GPW British Champion (441 days)
1x SWE Speed King Champion (70 days)
1x PBW Heavyweight Champion (501 days)
1x and first ever Infinite Tag Team Champion w/Bubblegum (532 days)
1x NBW Openweight Champion (length unknown)
1x GNP Tag Team Champion w/Cameron Kraze (length unknown)
1x NBWA Heavyweight Champion (97 days)
1x PCW Cruiserweight Champion (27 days)
1x FCW Champion (7 days)
1x ASW Regional Haven Champion (length unknown)
1x and first ever WCPW Internet Champion (55 days)
1x SWE Heavyweight Champion (172 days as of 19/4/17)
1x RDW Blitz League winner (2008)
1x RDW Money in the Bank Winner (2008)
1x PBW King of Cruisers Winner (2010)
1x GPW Crazy Cruiser 8 winner (2013)
1x SWE Speed King Winner (2015)
1x ATTACK! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Winner w/Martin Kirby (2017)
1x WrestlingKULT International Kult Cup Winner (2017)
Signature Moves – C4L (Springboard Tornado DDT), Mexican Wave (Diving Splash), Bearhug Hold/Mexican Wave Combo w/Martin Kirby
Alliances – Hubba Bubba Lucha w/Bubblegum, Los Amigos w/Dara Diablo, Lucha Lee Ray w/Kay Lee Ray, Project Lucha w/Martin Kirby, The Kraze w/Marky B. Kraze, The Faceless w/Faceless #1 & Faceless #2, The Origin w/Nathan Cruz, Dave Mastiff, Zack Gibson & Damon Moser, The Jim Leegion w/Jim Lee, Eddie Dennis, Mark Andrews & Martin Kirby, Ligero’s Luchas w/Sam Bailey, Roxy & D’Lyrium, w/Gabriel Kidd, w/Bingo Ballance, w/Cameron Kraze, w/Jimmie James
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