ICW Barramania III Review by Adam Morrison

For the third year running, ICW made their way to the Barrowlands Ballroom for the third instalment of Barramania. Shocks and surprises were in store for fans watching around the world, with the landscape in ICW making a dramatic change.

Billy Kirkwood and William Grange kicked off the show, hyping up the main matches, before sending it down to Simon Cassidy.

Scramble Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship
Kenny Williams (c) def. Matt Cross, Ravie Davie, Flash Morgan Webster, Charlie Sterling, Zack Gibson and BT Gunn

The first match of the night saw Kenny Williams continue the Zero-G Open Challenge in a Scramble Match. The champion made his way down to the ring before being joined by the announced challengers Matt Cross, Ravie Davie, Flash Morgan Webster and Charlie Sterling, all making their Barrowlands debut. Zack Gibson entered next as the apparent final entrant, before being cut off by BT Gunn who made it a 7-way. There was no wasting time in the challengers trying to win the gold, as Charlie Sterling became the first interim champion following a beauty of a shooting star headbutt. Next to become champion was Ravie Davie, who gave Charlie a Glesga Kiss. Flash Morgan Webster was the next to become the interim champion after driving Davie’s skull into the mat, before the action spilled out to ringside. Kenny Williams and Ravie Davie had Flash Morgan Webster trapped in the centre of the ring, but instead decided to perform stereo moonsaults into the crowd on the other competitors. With the other six competitors in the crowd, Flash Morgan Webster headed to the top rope and dove off onto everyone. Matt Cross became the next champion with a springboard cutter on Webster, but he lost it soon after to Zack Gibson with his Shankly Gates submission hold. Kenny soon won his title back with a brutal headlock driver, before BT Gunn, the only man who hadn’t become the interim champion, almost snapped Kenny’s neck with a swinging DDT and cranked back on his neck with a vicious crossface. With one minute remaining and the ropes nowhere near him, Kenny would have to endure the pain for the entire time if he hoped to retain his title. Kenny attempted to counter the hold on several occasions, but The Oddity was able to crank back on the neck each time. After a grueling 60 seconds, the 15 minutes had expired and Kenny tapped out. Luckily for him, the tapout occured just after the bell rang, which meant he retained the gold.

Following the bout, Kenny and Gunn embraced in the ring before Kenny celebrated his win. In the background, Charlie Sterling was helped backstage after taking a nasty fall at ringside.

Interim Champions;
Charlie Sterling via Pinfall
Ravie Davie via Pinfall
Flash Morgan Webster via Pinfall
Matt Cross via Pinfall
Zack Gibson via Submission
Kenny Williams via Pinfall

War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) def. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) via Pinfall

Up next was a tag team match, which saw Polo Promotions taking on the newly crowned IWGP Tag Team Champions War Machine. During the match, Jackie Polo tried for his signature scoop slam on Hanson but to no avail as War Machine took advantage with their superior size advantage. Hanson flew around the ring with a cartwheel and a flying crossbody. Both Jackie and Mark were demolished in the corner by cannonball sentons from Hanson. Eventually, Polo Promotions were able to take control when Jackie somehow nailed both Hanson and Raymond Rowe with scoop slams. Mark kept trying to forearm Raymond Rowe, but he kept bashing his arm away with headbutt after headbutt. As Polo Promotions set up for the Old Man of Hoy on Rowe, Hanson came in and knocked Jackie down to ringside. War Machine nailed their signature pop-up powerslam, before Hanson took out Jackie with a dive through the ropes. After kicking out, Mark connected with the Red Forman forearm smash but War Machine soon regained the control and performed the Fallout on Mark for the win.

After their win, War Machine shook hands with Polo Promotions at ringside in a show of respect.

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Renfrew vs Stevie Boy went to a No Contest

The Last Man Standing Match was up next, as Chris Renfrew took on Stevie Boy. Stevie entered with fellow Filthy Generation member Kay Lee Ray before she returned to the backstage area. The action didn’t take long to spill out into the crowd with the camera crew struggling to keep up with the action. Both men nailed each other with a low blow, before Renfrew connected with a Stoner on top of a table. The action made it’s way over beside the stage, where Stevie dove off the railings with a moonsault. Renfrew reappeared on the ramp and Stonered Stevie across the railing, causing him to fall onto security. As the action returned to the ring, Stevie was able to connect with the Glasgow Destroyer but it wasn’t enough to keep Renfrew down. A kendo stick and some chairs were introduced not long after, with Chris on the receiving end of some sickening smacks to the head from the kendo stick. The New Age Kliq leader fought back and gave Stevie two T-Viruses, with the second sending him through two steel chairs. With referee Thomas Kearins nearing the 10 count, Renfrew smacked him across the back with a kendo stick which allowed the match to continue. Renfrew found some cable wire and tied Stevie’ hands together. Grabbing the kendo stick, Renfrew repeated what he had receieved and smacked The Icon Killer across the head several times. He went under the ring yet again, this time pulling out a chair covered in thumbtacks. Before Renfrew could use it to inflict damage, the lights went out. When they returned, a masked man crawled through the ring and dragged Renfrew down under. The masked man returned, this time with a noose, before we found out who was behind the cryptic videos leading into the show. The man revealed himself as Mikey Whiplash, a man not seen in ICW for a while. As Stevie tried to escape, Mikey simply crawled back underneath the ring as The Filthy Generation leader ran backstage.

Before the next match began, the cameras cut to Kid Fite and Sha Samuels brawling in a car park. Kid Fite soon received help from one of his trainees and 1/2 of your reigning PBW Tag Team Champions, Scudmaster Sexy Krieger. With Sha beaten down, Kid Fite and Krieger looked to run him down but The East-End Butcher dodged out of the way at the last second. Sha took off in a nearby car to chase down his Barramania opponent.

Intergender Match
Ringside Enforcer – Paul Craig
Davey Blaze & Kay Lee Ray w/The Wee Man def. DCT & Viper via Pinfall

Up next was the Intergender Match. Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 made their way down the aisle, singing the entrance theme for DCT as he entered with his wife Viper. Davey Blaze, Kay Lee Ray and The Wee Man entered next, before being cut off by Mark Dallas, Chris Toal and Sweeney. Dallas announced that since Coach Trip couldn’t be there to even out the numbers, he was adding UFC star Paul “Bear Jew” Craig as the ringside enforcer. The Wee Man grabbed a baseball bat with a horse face on it from Billy Kirkwood at commentary as Viper tossed KLR out to ringside in an inadvertent suicide dive on both Davey and DCT. Viper then headed up top, looking for a huge dive to the outside, but Davey put a stop to it and slammed her to the mat. Wee Man entered the ring with the bat and started choking Viper, before he was stopped by Paul Craig. Before Paul could do anything, another UFC star by the name of Chris Bungard low blowed him. The two grapplers brawled their way up the ramp and through the curtain. After the UFC stars disappeared, everyone took a shot to the groin, including referee Sean McLaughlin. Davey nailed Viper with a huge spinebuster and the Sparrowhawk, taking her out for the remainder of the match. The Wee Man jabbed DCT in the eye with the baseball bat, which alllowed Kay Lee Ray to roll him up with a handful of tights for the win.

Following the match, Davey and KLR looked to continue their assault but were interrupted by Adam Shame! No Coach Trip on this night, with a boot to the chest of Davey sending him packing.

Before the Barbed Wire Ropes Match, the cameras again cut to Sha, Kid Fite and Krieger brawling, this time in the Barrowlands hallway. Krieger was tossed around as Sha kept trying to get to his former tag team partner.

Barbed Wire Ropes Match
Drew Galloway def. Jack Jester via Pinfall

As the cameras came back to ringside, the ring crew started setting up for the Barbed Wire Ropes Match. Two sides of the ring ropes were wrapped in barbed wire, barbed wire tables were brought to ringside and Jack Jester even entered with a barbed wire pipe. Given Drew is now signed to WWE, it was up to Jack to take the barbed wire spots. Drew slammed Jack through one of the barbed wire tables at ringside, before carving his head with a barbed wire crown. Despite battling back, Jack found himself being powerbombed through another barbed wire table and his arm was soon covered in blood. Drew grabbed the barbed wire pipe brought out by Jester and kicked it into his face, before connecting with the first of four Future Shock DDTs. Jack was able to somehow take control and planted Galloway with the tombstone but it wasn’t enough to put him away. Drew then drilled Jester into the mat with three straight Future Shock DDTs, but Jester shockingly kicked out. Drew then smacked Jester across the face with the barbed wire pipe for the victory.

Following the match, Drew cut a promo where he basically thanked the fans for their continued support over the years. With their support, he was able to help elevate ICW to the status it’s at today. He then invited Jester and Mark Dallas to join him in the ring. The three shared a Kliq-style embrace, before Galloway was left to celebrate with the fans.

Barras Street Fight
Sha Samuels def. Kid Fite via Pinfall

Following the departure of Drew Galloway, Sha Samuels and Kid Fite brawled down the aisle, followed closely by Krieger. Fite and Krieger ordered security to move as Sha ascended to the top rope. In a move not seen often from The East-End Butcher, he leapt off with a huge moonsault to the outside, wiping out Kid Fite, Krieger and an army of security. Back inside the ring, Kid Fite took control with a Lockback DDT into a chair for a nearfall. Krieger then held Sha’s arms back to allow Fite to use the chair on Sha. But just like every other time this happens, Sha moved and it was Scudmaster Sexy that took the blow to the head. Sha then planted Kid Fite into the mat with a spinebuster and a sitout fireman’s carry slam for the victory. Following his win, Sha retrieved a crate of beers from under the ring and handed one to Fite. The two smashed their cans against each other and Kid Fite headed backstage. Bit of an odd ending with the two seemingly making up, but as we found out later on, Sha’s got other problems to deal with now.

Lionheart vs Joe Hendry went to a No Contest

Up next was the most personal match of the night, as Lionheart faced Joe Hendry. The two began by pushing each other into the corner, with a clean break every time which came as a surprise given the recent history. The anger between these two was on full display, with Joe blasting through Lionheart’s chest with a vicious chop. The two really hate each other and this was certainly not the fued-ending match. Joe appeared to have seriously got on the wrong side of Lionheart, as he knocked him down and kicked him in the head. Referee Thomas Kearins stopped the match on medical grounds as EMTs came out to check on The Local Hero. Lionheart tapped on Hendry’s shoulder as he headed backstage, seemingly concerned for his well-being.

Wolfgang def. Grado via Pinfall

The next bout saw WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament competitor Wolfgang taking on Impact Wrestling star Wolfgang. The action came right off the bat, with Grado nailing the Wee Boot, RGradO and Roll’N’Slice in quick succession but Wolfgang wasn’t going down that easy. The Regulator fought back with the Slam Dunk and The Howling, which landed right in the groin of Grado. Grado tried his hand at The Howling, but Wolfgang dodged out the way. Grado was able to connect with a death valley driver for a two count, leading to him getting in the face of referee Sean McLaughlin. With Grado distracted, Wolfgang pulled out his trusty brass knuckles and caught Grado right in the jaw for the victory.

Following the bout, Sha Samuels joined his best friend in the ring. Grado proceeded to cut a promo where it appeared he was on his way out of ICW, but it was all a ruse as he delivered a swift kick to the balls of The East-End Butcher. Grado, perhaps the most lovable face in Scottish wrestling, has turned his back on the fans. Grado then introduced his new Sports & Entertainment Agent, Red Lightning! Andy has returned and he’s corrupted the mind of Grado.

ICW Tag Team Championships
Bird & Boar (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) w/Iestyn Rees def. Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith via Pinfall

Bird & Boar defended their Tag Team Championships up next against the team of Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith in a match that had the unfortunate duty of following a Grado heel turn. Before the match, Iestyn Rees was ejected from ringside. As expected, this was a battle between two powerhouse teams with each man taking a fair share of the beating. Ashton, despite his size, moves around the ring like a cruiserweight which was shown when he flipped over the top rope for a somersault dive and landed on his feet. The Welsh team were in control for the majority of the match, using fantastic tag team moves to their advantage. When they went for a double clothesline on Rampage however, the man from Leeds instead barged through them and took them out with clotheslines of his own. Iestyn Rees returned to ringside and took Rampage out of the equation with a spear he’s dubbed The Alpha Wave. Bird & Boar followed it up with their Mrs Paterson’s Revenge double team finisher on Ashton for the win to retain their titles. Not the best match of the card, but it did its job. Now, on to the main event!

ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Joe Coffey def. Trent Seven (c) via Submission

A brutal encounter closed the show as Joe Coffey cashed in his 2017 Square Go! contract for a shot at Trent Seven’s World Heavyweight Championship. The two traded shoulder blocks and chops, with Trent accidentally chopping the ring post at one point, but neither man gave an inch. Joe dumped Trent over the barrier, before clearing the unusually high barrier with a running dive. With the action returning to the ring, both men tried to knock each other out with stiff headbutts and forearms. Joe connected with The Fall From Nebula, before taking Trent up top for the champion’s own top rope piledriver. Since he does the move, Trent was able to reverse into a powerbomb followed by the Seventh Heaven for a nearfall. On the ramp, both men repeatedly tried to perform German suplexes on the other with Joe finally planting Trent spine-first into the bottom of the ramp. What came next was a shock. Joe nailed Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch to the loudest of boos and Trent connected with Triple H’s Pedigree. The Iron Man looked for his Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells discus lariat, but Trent ducked and referee Sean McLaughlin was instead taken out. A second attempt connected but with no referee, Joe retrieved the title belt from Simon Cassidy. Before he used it however, he tossed it down, realising it wasn’t the right thing to do. With another referee in the ring, Joe decked Trent with the title belt and locked in the No Mercy for the submission victory to win the gold.

After the bell rang, both Mark Dallas and Red Lightning headed down to ringside. Lightning entered the ring and attempted to present Coffey with his new title. Coffey grabbed the belt and shook Lightning’s hand, before clobbering Dallas with a discus lariat. Barramania ended with Joe Coffey celebrating as the new ICW World Heavyweight Champion.

With Barramania III in the history books, it left many ICW fans shocked at the new group of Red Lightning, Joe Coffey and Grado. The build towards Fear & Loathing X on November 19th will be a bumpy one, but as that other company stated on April 2nd, this will be the ultimate thrill ride!

Quick Results:
ICW Zero-G Championship Scramble Match: Kenny Williams (c) def. Matt Cross, Ravie Davie, Flash Morgan Webster, Charlie Sterling, Zack Gibson and BT Gunn
War Machine def. Polo Promotions via Pinfall
Last Man Standing Match: Chris Renfrew vs Stevie Boy went to a No Contest
Intergender Match: Davey Blaze & Kay Lee Ray w/The Wee Man def. DCT & Viper via Pinfall
Barbed Wire Ropes Match: Drew Galloway def. Jack Jester via Pinfall
Barras Street Fight: Sha Samuels def. Kid Fite via Pinfall
Lionheart vs Joe Hendry went to a No Contest
Wolfgang def. Grado via Pinfall
ICW Tag Team Championships: Bird & Boar (c) w/Iestyn Rees def. Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith via Pinfall
ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Joe Coffey def. Trent Seven (c) via Submission