SWE Uprising 29/04/17 Results

Ardler Complex, Dundee

Edith Summer was in charge of the first half of the show.

Felix Fortune defeated Alex Webb by Pinfall.

Stallyon defeated JD Wilde w/’Mighty Fine’ Eddie Devine by Pinfall.

The Jackal defeated Zack Leon by Pinfall.

SWE Future Division Championship – Steven ‘Air’ Myles w/Miss Mercury defeated The Riot Chris James by Pinfall* to retain the SWE Future Division Championship.

The members of gWo were banned from ringside but had bought ringside tickets. Miss Mercury low blowed Chris James and referee Kayleigh Bee administered a fast count and revealed herself to be the newest member of the gWo.

Edith Summer tried to restart the match but her time was up.

gWo Leader Grue was in charge of the second half.

Supercharged (Scotty Riccio & Spike Tierney) defeated gWo (Darren Blair & KJ Nitro)

gWo attacked Supercharged after the match and sprayed their backs with black paint.

Ian Ambrose defeated Ryan Severn by Pinfall.

After the match Grue forced Ryan Severn to shake the hand of Ambrose.

Deadcell (Nathan Reynolds & Kevin Williams) defeated Euan G Mackie & LJT by Pinfall.

Stallyon entered after the match and brawled with LJT until they are seperated by SWE security and gWo members. Grue announces that LJT and Stallyon will face off at next months SWE Uprising event on May 27th at the Ardler Complex.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment