Operating News 11/05/17

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the latest updates on the website:

– You may have already noticed that the Scottish Wrestling News post will continue to be fed from Wrestle Ropes, it is still produced by OSWtv but will be published on Wrestle Ropes and reblogged back to OSWtv.

– We now have a Facebook Group! OSWtv Group Chat allows Scottish wrestling fans to discuss all things Scottish wrestling, it will be linked to the OSWtv Facebook page in the future once it is available to do so. Charlie, Daniel and Kevin are set as moderators along with myself (Billy) as admin. We will also try to use this group to obtain feedback and discussion pieces so that your opinion can be included in future articles plus we will also be using the OSWtv Group Chat to gauge what you’d like to see, maybe more video content, weekly match from YouTube perhaps to restart the Throwback Thursday content. A survey may follow also for this feedback, this is in the pipeline to produced.

– Speaking of OSWtv on Facebook, we have started adding event pages, so far we’ve added two that we will be attending as a trial. We’re hoping to add all upcoming events but it’s a work in progress that only desktop Facebook can do, hopefully once mobile catches up it’ll be a smooth process. In the meantime we have our Event Calendar on the website so you know what’s coming where and our weekly What’s On post to keep you in the know.

– Interviews! We have been sending out interview enquiries and hope to bring back OSWtv Meets more regularly, gone are the standard five questions as we look to bring more in depth interview pieces with wrestling personalities that compete in this country.

– Writers! We have been lucky enough to have pieces sent in but we’re always begging for more. Especially from those that attend CPW, BCW, PBW, SWE and GPWA to name a few, Source is another promotion we would like to have someone cover so if you attended any wrestling and feel the urge to write about it then we would love to hear from you. If you’re not sure how to get started you are also more than welcome to send pieces or ideas to VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com and we can discuss them.

– The homepage banner is filling up with 90% of the submissions being from wrestlers and promotions. We are now restricting this banner to just that, so if you are a wrestler who plies their trade in Scotland or a Scottish wrestling promotion and you have a graphic for booking/social media info then please send them to VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com. It’s free advertising with little effort.

– I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to record videos again but need to figure out how and why, don’t want to stare at a camera for two minutes with my confused gaze or bore people with rambling. If interest in a regular Q&A arises then it’s a possibility.

Other than that it’s all good over at OSWtv, growing day by day.