The Life of Smith: Seven Deadly Sins (and lots of driving)

For the first time ever, W3L’s annual Seven Deadly Sins tournament took place across two shows, with the battle royale and first round singles matches taking place on the Saturday afternoon in Stockton and the submission only semi-finals and last man standing final taking place on the Saturday evening in Harrogate. The Sunday afternoon would also see W3L return to Pettycur Bay in Kinghorn, Fife.

A 5am wake-up call after three hours sleep is not often something I do on a Saturday morning, not to mention a three and a half hour drive to Stockton. My body is seemingly conditioned to long drives and the journey there was made more interesting when I introduced Prince Asad to the car game “20+ questions with Jamie Jones”, which involves asking W3L Action Academy prospect ‘The Tormentor’ Jamie Jones various questions. This game has seen him predict Mike Musso doing 13 knee lifts in one night (an estimate that was off by 10 knee lifts) and advise that he would be able to complete the Catterick Garrison roadworks in 3 months (they are still being worked on). It is all in good fun and ‘The Tormentor’ makes for an interesting travel partner.

The Stockton show saw me eliminated from the battle royale by The Contingency Plan of Taylor Bryden and Dickie Divers, before facing off against British wrestling veteran Blondie Barratt in the first round match and the main event of the show. Barratt was able to counter my attempt at a double leg nelson by dropping down and hooking my legs for the pinfall victory, so he advanced onto the next round while yours truly was eliminated.

After the Stockton show, we would venture onto Harrogate. With me being eliminated from the Seven Deadly Sins tournament, I decided to answer the open challenge laid down by Prince Asad after Kevin Williams had initially answered the same challenge, making the contest a triple threat match. The tournament itself saw Blondie Barratt go onto winning the tournament by defeating Dickie Divers on the latter’s birthday. This means that Barratt will go onto Wrestlution XI later on this year and challenge for the W3L Championship against whoever might be the champion at that time. This is also the third year in a row that I have been eliminated from this tournament by the eventual winner, with me losing to BT Gunn in the semi-final in 2015, Joe Coffey in the first round last year and Blondie Barratt in the first round this year. Next time Seven Deadly Sins, next time!

The journey back from Harrogate was a very long one and was one of, if not the most difficult drive I have done. Over the course of the weekend, 500+ miles were clocked, with most of them being on the Saturday and on next to no sleep. This is a drop in the ocean to what a lot of wrestlers deal with on a frequent basis, but it’s still a lot of miles covered with a few service station stops in between.

The next day would see W3L return to Pettycur Bay in matches to be taped for W3L Wrestling Showdown on the W3L Network. It featured the Last Twin Standing match between Kasey and Leah Owens, where the W3L Women’s Championship was on the line and Leah would be allowed to take off the mask she has been made to wear if she retained her championship. The show would also see a tag team grudge match, with myself and Johnny Lions facing Kevin Williams and Jason Reed after we went to town on them with steel chairs at the last show. The Pettycur Bay crowd is always a good one and I look forward to seeing the matches air online.

This week sees me wrestling for W3L in Oban on Thursday and again at a W3L-themed birthday party on Sunday afternoon. After that, I will be making the journey down the M8 and wrestling at the Source Wrestling Showcase on the Sunday evening. These are relatively busy times for yours truly, but exciting times as well. Ultimately though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.