Wrestler Spotlight: Jonathan Richards

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at PBW Academy’s most fabulous graduate, Jonathan Richards.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Jonathan Richards
Nicknames – “The Fabulous One”, “The Man With No Name”, “Captain Hotpants”, “Fabulous Max”
Companies Wrestled For – Premier British Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, Blackridge Wrestling, Caithness Pro Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Upbrawl Championship Wrestling and EPW American Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – N/A
Signature Moves – St. Elmo’s Fire (Pedigree), Storm Hold (Single Leg Boston Crab), Pity City (shoves his opponent’s face into his armpit)
Alliances – The North American Alliance w/GI Joe, The Heavy Eye Bros w/Prince Asad
Social Media – Facebook | Twitter

*photo credit Emma Dockrell


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