The Asylum Invitational Tournament 2017 Night One Round Up


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Last night saw the First Round of the inagural Asylum Invitational Tournament. 16 Students & Graduates from PBW Academy, Source Wrestling School and GPWA – Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum gathered to compete in an elimination style tournament. 120 fans turned out to witness the First Round and support their favourites into a place in tommorrow’s Finals. The brackets themselves did not come without some controversy…

Match one saw MATT DALY once again face Ravie-Davie, The Fresh Prince Of Drumoyne Square, this time on Davie’s home turf. MATT DALY took control of the match early on, however, it was Ravie Davie who picked up the win and became the first Quarter Finalist

Next up Krieger entered The Asylum to a positive reaction brought on by his style of dancing and partying. GPWA’s Danny Cantrell was unable to match Krieger’s size and apparent backing from the fans. Krieger surged ahead into night two.

In what was a completely different and unique match in Round One, GPWA’s resident “Man of Holds” Irving Garrett faced off with his Source equivalent Scott McManus. In a very sold technical affair, Garrett toppled McManus to seal his place in the Quarter Final.

In the only all-GPWA affair of the evening, Leyton Buzzard pulled of a HUGE shock win over Kez Evans who DOMINATED Leyton throughout the contest. During Leyton’s post-match address, Kez viciously attacked Leyton, leaving doubt over whether or not Leyton will be able to compete tonight. More details regarding this as the become available.

Jack Dillon is very much a solid favourite of the GPWA fans in The Asylum. Dillon was up against arguably the tournament favourite Aaron Echo. Echo’s experience was not something he was looking to use to his advantage as he resorted to cheap dirt tactics throughout and eventually picked up the win advancing into Night two…

Kai Williams-King faced Devin Fawkes advancing as a Quarter Finalist.

What happened next was somewhat of a surprise. The Sam Barbour Experience entered The Asylum to a somewhat opposite-than-usual positive reaction. PBW’s Dylan Angel arrived and gave SBX a run for his money in what was a very solid match and very well fought by both. SBX however, picked up the win and he became the seventh in the pot for Night Two.

Finally Lucha DS came up against Kieran McColm in what was again a fantastic back and forth match which the crowd were split between the two competitors. McColm picked up the win via submission and heads into Night Two in a strong position.

At the end of the night the eight Quarter Finalists were brought to the ring to learn of their matches for tommorrow. As each match was introduced to the crowd, tension became higher, until eventually an already-injured Leyton Buzzard was punched in the face by his Quarter Final opponent Aaron Echo, the eight competitors then began to brawl and fight until Ravie Davie and Aaron Echo were left standing face to face. Echo, however, backed down and left the ringside area in chaos, as Davie proclaimed he was the man to bring the Asylum Invitational home.

What will happen tonight?!? Who will become the first Asylum Invitational winner?!

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Don’t forget tonight also, Kid Fite & Bad Boy Liam Thomson will be in tag team action against Krobar & Stevie James – The Purge!

Updated brackets: