Wrestler Spotlight: Prince Ameen

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With WCPW returning to Scotland tomorrow night, I’m going to take a look at another of their original roster members Prince Ameen, who also competed on ICW’s first ever show in 2006.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Prince Ameen, Prince Mohmed Ameen, Mojo Pervito, Mo Montana
Nicknames – “The Crazy Horse”, “The Money Makin”, “The Richest Man in Professional Wrestling”, “The Indian Dream”
Companies Wrestled For – Wrestle Zone Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, 3 Count Wrestling, Real Deal Wrestling, Independent Wrestling Federation, Triple X Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Power Trip Wrestling, British Hybrid Wrestling, Northern Wrestling League, One Pro Wrestling, Gerry Norton Promotions, SAS Wrestling, Dynamic Pro Wrestling, Shooting Star Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ImPulse, Irish Whip Wrestling, Norton British Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 101, North East Wrestling Society, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, All Star Wrestling, Complete Revolutionary Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Preston City Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, Total Wrestling Entertainment, Absolute Wrestling, EPW Wrestling, Megaslam Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling and Grapple Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x NBW Champion (394 days)
1x GNP Tag Team Champion w/Scotty Hexx (338 days)
2x W3L Tag Team Champion w/Tim Pervito (76 days and 78 days)
1x and first ever RDW Tag Team Champion w/Tim Pervito (49 days)
3x 3CW North East Champion (448 days, 2073 days and 210 days)
1x RDW British Heavyweight Champion (192 days)
1x 3CW Tag Team Champion w/Cameron Kraze (231 days)
Signature Moves – Pedigree, Magic Carpet Ride (Diving Splash)
Alliances – Los Pervitos w/Tim Pervito, The Order of Chaos w/Cameron Kraze, The British Empire w/The Assassin, Bollywood Muscle w/Muscle Cat, The Congregation w/Pastor William Eaver, Liam Slater & Jurn Simmons, The Prophets of Liberty w/D-Rok, Sam Bailey, Leroy Kincaide & Val Kabious, Ameen’s Dream Team w/Carbon, Gemini & Kavero, The Kirb Krawlers w/Martin Kirby, Gabriel Kidd, The Primate & Rampage, w/Scotty Hexx
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