SSW The Road 2 WrestleWars – Ladder Match Review

SSW – First Ever Ladder Match
27th May 2017
By Martin McGreskin

So you are going to do a ladder match are you SSW?

Well you do realise the ladder match evokes memories of The Hardyz, Edge and Christian and many other top performers who have risked it all for shiny belts hanging from that ceiling and doing your first one as the main event at The Road 2 WrestleWars was a brave call, but boy were you right.

Step forward our first of three tag teams to enter the fray and it was none other than Paul Huntly and…errr…the referee from last month???? Next out was the current SSW Tag Team Champions Damage Inc and “quickly” followed by The Sesh who had moved on from their foray as Enzo and Cass to the embodiment of The Hardy Boyz.

Well this match started fast and furious with the “Refs” and Damage Inc scrambling outside to get the ladders, whilst The Sesh had Kaiden King on Muzlem’s shoulders trying to bypass the need for a ladder to reach the belts. Ladders in the ring and then the chaos started with Kaiden taking out everyone in the ring with the ladder and this was only the beginning…

The match reminded me of the horror movies you watched as kids, you covered your eyes and watched through your fingers as it was too good to miss. There were kendo sticks, chair shots, Muzlem through a door from the top of a ladder, Kaiden doing a Swanton on the outside through Paul Huntly and the merch table, there was the Ref hanging with his feet from the top turnbuckle upside down with his neck in the ladder and Muzlem’s sliding drop kick to the ladder was quite frankly amazing and terrifying at the same time.

Damage Inc won but really the winner was SSW and the wrestlers who made a match that could have graced any show anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Would I have picked the six wrestlers who were in this match as the best six on SSW’s roster, possibly not but did the six produce the best match I have ever seen in SSW? Absolutely.

On a final note – Don’t try this at home kids as these guys were professionals.