SWE Uprising EXTRA 28/05/17 Results

Ardler Complex, Dundee

SWE/gWo Future Division Championship – Triple Threat – Steven ‘Air’ Myles defeated Zack Leon & Kevin Williams by Pinfall to retain the SWE/gWo Future Division Championship.

Grum defeated Mighty Fine Eddie Devine by Pinfall.

Felix Fortune defeated Nathan Reynolds by Disqualification.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Euan G Mackie defeated Alex Webb by Submission to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

Heel Reel – Grue and his gWo come out to Bravehart’s music, he hired Edith Summer back as a cleaner. Bravehart hits the ring went after Grue. Grue moved Edith into his path and Bravehart hit Edith by mistake. J N J Security distracted Bravehart which allowed Grue to strike with LJT’s baseball bat which Grue has claimed as a trophy.

The Scumbucks (JD Wilde & Ian Ambrose) & Might Fine Eddie Devine defeated The Jackal, KJ Nitro and Spike Tierney by Pinfall.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment