The Life of Smith: Showing Out At Source

After a W3L birthday party show, I was back on the road the same day, as I made the solo journey to the Source Wrestling School in Glasgow, where I would be facing Cobra Carr at the Source Wrestling Showcase and making my debut for Source, having started training there in January. I have noticed a difference in my fundamentals and conditioning recently, which has likely stemmed from me being in the ring more at training and on shows. I saw this show as an opportunity to showcase (not so unintentional pun!) what I can do in front of a new audience.

With me being on the second half of the show, I had the opportunity to observe the first half of the show, which featured an impressive debut match for youngster Mark J Wilson, as he stepped into the ring with Mikey Whiplash, an intergender tag team match with Craig Forsyth and Isla Dawn competing against Shaun Walker and Bete Noire, Stephen Hughes going one-on-one with former friend turned foe Luke Matthews, as well as a very hard-hitting tag team match, where Manlon and Daihlan Hendry teamed up against The Titans of the North (Rowan Frey and Alexander Darwin MacAllan).

Photo credit David J Wilson

After the interval, the second half kicked off with a battle of experience versus youth as Glen Dunbar faced Grant McIvor, before yours truly made his debut versus Cobra Carr. I decided to utilise what brought me to the dance, with a lot of my antics and cunning that I have carried out over the years being on display. After seeing stars from Cobra’s Snake Bite DDT, I was able to regain my composure and tie Mister Cobra up with The Clutch of Doom, a pinning combination that has been serving me very well recently. Some say I cheated to win, but I would never do such a thing!

Photo credit David J Wilson

The Source Wrestling Showcase concluded with an innovative and actioned-packed scramble match between Massimo, Robbie Solar, Xero, Scott McManus, Kieran McColm and Alex Cavanagh and all in all, it was a good show. One of my main goals for this year is to make it onto a main Source Wrestling show and I will continue to hone my craft and work towards this goal. I have noticed the difference in my work from wrestling at least once every week over the last four weeks and I feel like my best is just around the corner. Next week’s blog will explore W3L’s recent debut in Jedburgh and the following week will detail the events that occurred at Reckless Intent’s Livingston show this Saturday (tickets are still available at Until then though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.