Top Five Future Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champions

by Daniel Strickland

Welcome to my post on the top 5 potential future champions in Reckless Intent. These are men who, as far as I’m aware, haven’t won the Heavyweight belt yet and certainly deserve a run with it. Here is Top 5 Future Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champions. Let’s go!

#5 – James Scott

James Scott has set his sights on the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship, and is part of a fatal 4 way match on June 3rd for the title. He had recently been chasing DCT for his UK title, until, in a tag match with Delsin Dayre, he walked out on him and announced he was going after Paul Tracey. James has beaten former champion Michael Chase twice in the past year, last August at Cruel Summer and in April this year. James has beaten other stars recently such as LJT, Dave Conrad and in tag team action he defeated DCT & Coach Trip with Delsin Dayre. It’s just a matter of time before James wins Heavyweight Title gold.

#4 – Delsin Dayre

The winner of the 2017 Battle Of West Lothian (BOWL), Delsin Dayre is a changed man since turning on the Reckless Intent fans, calling himself ‘The Cure’, using the Singapore Cane and going about destroying all the wrongs of Reckless Intent and making them right. He has been going after the UK Championship recently but might change his focus to his focus to the Heavyweight belt. Expect to see a main title win for Delsin within the next year or so.

#3 – Dave Conrad

Okay, so I might be being a bit biased considering Dave Conrad is my favourite wrestler. I think it is a perfect time for Conrad to win the belt, potentially at Cruel Summer. Conrad has been feuding with the Paul Tracey Guys recently, and this could set up a title match with the champion himself at Cruel Summer. I would love Dave Conrad to lay out the challenge tonight! Dave is a fantastic all round wrestler and is over as hell. He has only lost once this year in Reckless Intent. And even when he did get beat, it wasn’t even clean. James Scott used the ropes to beat him. I hope he is the next RI Champion! #ConradforChamp

#2 – Rob Mills

One of the youngest RI wrestlers, Rob Mills has a long career ahead of him. Rob is only 19 but it seems like he has been wrestling forever! A RI School graduate, Mills started of as a hardcore singles competitor for a few years, feuding with a then heel Jam O’Malley. Then, in August 2016, him and Jackie Grady teamed up, forming The Headbanders! They have since become fan favourites and have the best entrance music I the business. As Jackie is a former Heavyweight Champion, UK Champion and Hardcore Champion, I would like to see him go after the Slam Title to make him a Grand Slam champion! And as for Rob, I’d like him to go for the Heavyweight Belt. I expect Rob to end up wrestling at ICW and many more top promotions in the future.

#1 – Theo Doros

Well, in my opinion the most likely out of this list (obviously, that’s why I put him number one) is Theo Doros. The Cypriot wrestler has been wrestling for over two years now and has already held half of the available belts, spending over a year with the Slam Championship and seconds with the Hardcore Belt. He has come so close to winning the belt and Reckless Rumble’s numerous times, having narrowly lost out to Michael Chase in October and has entered first and finished 3rd in the last three Reckless Rumble matches. Set to face Liam Thomson tonight after defeating ‘The Human Dinosaur’ Ray Linofloor in May. Theo is already making a name for himself in wrestling and could end up wrestling abroad, on either the states or maybe Cyprus/Greece. One thing is certain though, Theo Doros is going to be a star!

And that is my list, I really hope you enjoyed reading, please leave feedback and goodbye.