Wrestler Spotlight: Chris Brookes

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Chris Brookes, who recently debuted for Source Wrestling alongside Kid Lykos.

– Adam Morrison

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Chris Brookes
Nicknames – “The Calamari Catch King”
Companies Wrestled For – Wrestle Midlands, Alternative Wrestling World, Power Trip Wrestling, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Fight Club: PRO, Great Bear Promotions, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, Westside Dojo, Triple X Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Ironfist Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, AMP Wrestling, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Pride, HOPE Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Preston City Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Target Wrestling, VII Underground, Plex Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, South Coast Wrestling, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, Monmouthshire Championship Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Monkey Madness Wrestling, Vertigo Pro Wrestling, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Entertainment Wrestling Association, CHIKARA, Insane Championship Wrestling, Riot House Promotion, Good Wrestling, Romanian Pro Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Fight! Nation Wrestling, Lucha Forever, PROGRESS Wrestling and Source Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x ATTACK! 24:7 Champion
1x Plex Wrestling British Champion
3x ATTACK! Tag Team Champion w/Kid Lykos
1x and last VII Pro British Lions Champion
1x wXw Shotgun Champion
1x RevPro British Tag Team Champion w/Travis Banks
1x CZW World Tag Team Champion w/Kid Lykos
2014 FCP Infinity Trophy Winner
2015 SWA British Lions Tournament Winner
2017 FCP Dream Tag Team Invitational Winner w/Kid Lykos
Signature Moves – Big Boot, Michinoku Driver, Octopus Stretch, Michinoku Driver/Missile Dropkick Combo w/Kid Lykos, Assisted Codebreaker w/Travis Banks/Kid Lykos, Assisted Whiplash Neckbreaker w/Travis Banks, Ink Bomb (Gory Bomb/Springboard Somersault Cutter Combo) w/Kid Lykos, Danger Machine (Pop-Up Splash) w/Kid Lykos, Sideways Rolling Yoshi Tonic/Corkscrew Neckbreaker Combo w/Kid Lykos
Alliances – #CCK w/Kid Lykos & Travis Banks, The Calamari Catch Club/Kings w/Jonathan Gresham, The Commonwealth Catch Kings w/Travis Banks, The Culture Squad w/Luchadora the Explorer, The Inter-Coastal Violence Factory w/Travis Banks, The Vulture Squad w/Nixon Newell, The Bruiserweights w/Pete Dunne, Kid Lykos, Shay Purser & Nixon Newell
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