OSWtv’s Top 10 Matches from WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy

Aberdeen Anarchy has become a staple of professional wrestling in this country. Hailing from The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen for the last 4 years (and will be again this year), WrestleZone put on the biggest event they can in front of a sell out crowd of over 1000 paying fans. So to celebrate, much like we did last year, we’ve put together a top 10 list of the best matches from WrestleZone’s Supershow, Aberdeen Anarchy. This is based on the events at The Beach Ballroom only and, of course, is all personal opinion.

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10. Mr P, Kaden Garrick & Johnny Lions vs Sterling Oil (Damien, Alan Sterling & William Sterling) (2016)
-Ladder Match-

Ladder matches are always a sight to behold, these six put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice as this was a brutal match. A lot of moments that conjured awesome responses including a Lion Cutter from Johnny Lions on a falling Richard R Russell which was just a thing of beauty.

9. Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel Jacob (2013)
-Lumberjill Match with The Granite City Roller Derby Girls-

It was my first time seeing these two go at it live and in living colour. These two never disappointed when they were in the ring together and this, for me, was proof that women could wrestle and do it bloody good!

8. Joe Coffey vs Scotty Swift (2015)
-Undisputed Championship Match-

As a fan of Scotty Swift, the heart of WrestleZone, it was a joyous moment seeing him crowned as Undisputed WrestleZone Champion. A fine match with a game Joe Coffey to top it off, plenty of twists and turns made the match a great watch and the roof blew off when over 1000 fans cheered when the three count was made.

7. Aspen Faith vs Len Ironside (2014)
-World of Sport Rules-

Now for something completely different, a stunning World of Sport Rules match which was a surprisingly captivating encounter. Len Ironside looked like he hadn’t missed a beat as he was able to hang with the much younger Aspen Faith.

6. Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan & Viper (2016)

Aspen Faith returns to the list with an incredible mixed tag team match involving Lewis Girvan and Viper against Faith and his ‘Queen of Catch’ Sammii Jayne. All four made this such an easy watch, Girvan and Faith had been setting the standard but the inclusion of Sammii and Viper just turned this fued up to eleven.

5. Kenny Williams vs Bingo Ballance vs Shawn Johnson (2015)

Bingo Ballance, Shawn Johnson and the debuting Kenny Williams put on an absolute showcase to kick off the 2015 Aberdeen Anarchy event, flips, kicks and everything inbetween with ingenious moves involving all three.

4. Jack Jester vs Crusher Craib (2014)
-Undisputed Championship Match-

Still one of my favourites stories that I’ve ever seen in a match and the build up was phenomenal. Jack Jester forced ‘The Creator of Carnage’ to show a human side. Jester broke Crusher’s tunnel vision, Crusher showed sympathy, showed emotion, when he begged Jester not to harm one of the camera crew it was the moment that Jester had won mentally. Then a chair to the head and follow up tombstone saw Jester won physically. It was just amazing.

3. Scotty 2 Hotty vs Grado (2014)

After reading the names above, need I say more? A masterclass in playing a crowd like a fiddle, every ‘yay’ and ‘boo’ was used to build a fun match between two very talent performers.

2. The Granite City Hotshots (Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker) vs Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder and William Sterling) (2014)
-Tag Team Championship Ladder Match-

The first ever ladder match and boy it delivered. Just a non-stop barrage of action and painful contortions of the body as they were mangled against the steel ladder. It set the standard for ladder matches in WrestleZone for the years to come. Edge of the seat viewing and you were happy it was over to breathe a sign of relief for all involved to escape, generally, injury free.

1. Stevie Xavier vs Bingo Ballance (2013)

After 4 years of Aberdeen Anarchy events at the Beach Ballroom, the opening bout on the main card of the first one is still the best match I’ve ever seen at the event…actually the best match I’ve seen in all my years going to WrestleZone.

Watch it below:

Honourable Mentions:
Rob Cage vs Billy Gunn (2013)
Scotty Swift vs Crusher Craib (2016)
Aspen Faith & Johnny Lions vs Hardcore Holly & Len Ironside (2015)