The Life of Smith: The Reckless Review According To Smith

The unthinkable happened at the Livingston Reckless Intent show last Saturday: His lordship, The Lord of the Manor, Paul Tracey, lost the Reckless Intent Championship. He lost it to James Scott in a match that also included DCT and Delsin Dayre, who defeated Michael Chase earlier in the night after interference from Dickie Divers to obtain a place in the championship match. There is no doubt that his lordship will be invoking his rematch clause sooner rather than later, as he begins his quest of regaining his championship.

On a more positive note, I picked up my first win in a tag team match, where myself and David Devlin defeated The Headbanders combination of Rob Mills and The Amazon, after we obtained an initial advantage by taking out the leg of Jackie Grady and taking him out of the match altogether. The Amazon decided to interject herself into the match after these events, much to our chagrin and a fired up Rob Mills did lay into Devlin a bit at the start of the match. After that, we managed to obtain control for most of the match before there was some back and forth near the end, but after I walloped Mills with ‘Three’s Company’ (a gut shot, knee lift and clothesline combination) and debuted ‘The Wirral Way’ (my second-rope Diving Fist Drop), The Paul Tracey Guys picked up the win. This was the momentum I required after being on a losing streak since my Reckless Intent debut.

The show also saw Michael Chase and Jam O’Malley announce that current Reckless Intent General Manager and former Scottish wrestler ‘The Butcher’ Scott Renwick was diagnosed with kidney disease and is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Anyone that knows Scott will tell you that he is genuinely one of the nicest people in wrestling and I have always looked up to him as a locker room leader that is respected in any dressing room in the country, going to him for advice on numerous occasions and having wrestled him as well. Reckless Intent will be running a fundraising show for Scott on October 21st at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston, as the kidney disease has meant that he has not been able to work. Christopher Saynt’s House of Saynt show at the Drury Bar in Glasgow on Sunday June 25th will also be raising funds for Scott, so get yourself to both shows and show your support.

Reckless Intent will be at the Blackburn Gala Day this Saturday afternoon, where the action will kick off at 12:30pm and they will be back at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston on July 1st. After an eventful month for myself, which has seen me wrestle on at least one show every week since the beginning of May, I am going to be ‘out of office’ from Wednesday 7th June to Wednesday 14th June. There will still be a blog next week, as I preview W3L’s shows taking place next week in Wester Hailes, Grangemouth and Haddington, but aside from that I will be away from the business during this time and will be back into the swing of things next week. I have felt like I am nearing the top of my game recently, so hopefully I avoid drinking too much wine during my time away! That is the life of Smith for this week though and I wish you all a GOOD DAY.