Wrestler Spotlight: Kid Lykos

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Kid Lykos, who recently debuted for Source Wrestling alongside Chris Brookes.

– Adam Morrison

Photo Credit David J Wilson

Alias – Kid Lykos, Mondai Lykos, Ethan Beach, Ethan Silver
Nicknames – “The One Man Wolfpack”, “The Kid”
Companies Wrestled For – Combat Sports Federation, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Pride, Pro Wrestling Chaos, World Association of Wrestling, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, Kamikaze Pro, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, VII Underground, Just Do Wrestling, Great Bear Promotions, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Full House Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Fight Club: PRO, HOPE Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Global Force Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Lucha Forever, PROGRESS Wrestling, Source Wrestling, CHIKARA, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Ironfist Wrestling, Good Wrestling, APEX Pro Wrestling, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, The Wrestling League, Fight! Nation Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Riptide Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, Frontline Wrestling and Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Champion w/Drew Parker
2x ATTACK! 24:7 Champion
1x and first ever Dragon Pro Tag Team Champion w/Drew Parker
4x ATTACK! Tag Team Trophy Champion w/Chris Brookes
1x CZW World Tag Team Champion w/Chris Brookes
3x PROGRESS Tag Team Champion w/Chris Brookes
1x HOPE Tag Team Champion w/Chris Brookes
1x FCP Tag Team Champion w/Chris Brookes
1x SWE Tag Team Champion w/Chris Brookes
2017 FCP Dream Tag Team Invitational Winner w/Chris Brookes
Signature Moves – Full Moon (Arabian Spanish Fly), Standing Shooting Star Press, Step-Up Tornado DDT, Ink Bomb (Gory Bomb/Springboard Diamond Dust Combo w/Chris Brookes), Danger Machine (Pop-Up Splash w/Chris Brookes), Michinoku Driver/Missile Dropkick Combo w/Chris Brookes, Assisted Codebreaker w/Chris Brookes, Sideways Rolling Yoshi Tonic/Corkscrew Neckbreaker Combo w/Chris Brookes
Alliances – Wild At Heart w/The Tiger Kid, The YOLO Squad w/Drew Parker, The North East Wolves w/Drew Parker, #CCK w/Chris Brookes & Travis Banks, The Bruiserweights w/Pete Dunne, Chris Brookes, Shay Purser & Nixon Newell, SCHADENFREUDE w/Chris Brookes, Lucky Kid, Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) & The Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)
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