WrestleZone Live In Union Square 10/06/17 Results

Union Square, Aberdeen

Scotty Swift defeated Aspen Faith by Pinfall.

Chris Archer & Bradley Evans defeated Lord Mr Malice & William Sterling by Pinfall.

Sammii Jayne defeated Debbie Sharpe by Submission.

Aspen Faith defeated Bradley Evans by Pinfall.

Four Way – Bryan Tucker defeated Blue Thunder, Zach Dynamite and Prince Asad by Pinfall.

Lou King Sharp defeated Johnny Lions by Pinfall.

Debbie Sharpe defeated Sammii Jayne by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – Zach Dynamite defeated Bryan Tucker and Prince Asad by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – Lou King Sharp defeated Bradley Evans and Mikkey Vago by Pinfall.

Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne defeated Chris Archer & Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – Scotty Swift defeated Zach Dynamite and Mikkey Vago by Pinfall.

Johnny Lions defeated Prince Asad by Pinfall.

Battle Royal – Winner: Bryan Tucker 

Participants: Lord Mr Malice, Prince Asad, William Sterling, Owen Jakks, Mikkey Vago, Blue Thunder, Chris Archer, Johnny Lions, Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans, Scotty Swift and Lou King Sharp

Source: Adam Morrison