Adam’s Top 10…WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy Matches

Tomorrow night is WrestleZone’s annual Aberdeen Anarchy supershow. Held at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, the event has sold out every year. Over the years, WrestleZone have put on some phenomenal contests that have kept the audience’s eyes glued to the action in the ring. Here’s what I believe are the top 10!

Honourable mentions;
Lumberjill Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel Jacob (Aberdeen Anarchy 2013)
Bingo Ballance vs Andy Wild (Aberdeen Anarchy 2014)
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Scotty Swift (c) vs Crusher Craib (Aberdeen Anarchy 2016)
Billy Gunn vs Rob Cage (Aberdeen Anarchy 2013)
Jack Jester vs Bryan Tucker (Aberdeen Anarchy 2015)

10. Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker (Aberdeen Anarchy 2016)

Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker had been teaming together as The Granite City Hotshots for a few years, but that was all left behind when Shawn turned on Bryan at Christmas Chaos 2015 to join the Sterling Oil faction. Bryan returned from a leave of absence at the 2016 Regal Rumble, costing his former partner a shot at winning that year’s Regal Rumble Match. The two engaged in a heated fued over the next few WrestleZone events, with their first match against each other taking place at Aberdeen Anarchy 2016. As was expected between these two, the action was intense with the referee unable to keep them in the ring as they brawled up to the stage. Eventually, Bryan Tucker picked up the win with a surprise rollup but it was Shawn Johnson who had the last laugh as he attacked his former ally with a steel chair after the match.

9. Lewis Girvan & Viper vs Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne (Aberdeen Anarchy 2016)

With STV’s Sean Batty as special guest ring announcer, Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan settled their rivalry in an intergender tag match alongside their partners Sammii Jayne and Viper, respectively. These four work fantastically well together, with something for everyone offered in this match. Technical wrestling, hard-hitting action, even a bit of high flying. With Viper shoving Sammii’s head into Aspen’s man parts, it left the two women to settle the score. Ascending to the top rope, Viper took down The Queen of Catch with a sitout powerbomb off the ropes to win the match for herself and Lewis. Since then, Aspen and Lewis have settled their issues and have gone on to form one of the best teams in Scottish wrestling today, The Kings of Catch.

8. Triple Threat Match: Bingo Ballance vs Shawn Johnson vs Kenny Williams (Aberdeen Anarchy 2015)

Kicking off the show in 2015, Bingo Ballance, Shawn Johnson and the debuting Kenny Williams started Aberdeen Anarchy in style. Putting their bodies on the line to entertain a sold out Beach Ballroom, all three men took to the sky in an athletic showcase. Leaps, flips and everyting in-between were put on display in this bout. Not shying away from going out to ringside, ringside fans got closer to the action than they probably wanted. With Bingo on the verge of victory, the Irishman headed up top and dove off with a frog splash on Johnson. But Kenny, being the sneaky competitor that he can be, tossed Bingo from the ring and took the win for himself. Bingo and Shawn now find themselves in high stakes bouts this year. From kicking off in 2015 to main eventing in 2017, it’s been a long journey for Shawn Johnson.

7. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Joe Coffey (c) vs Scotty Swift (Aberdeen Anarchy 2015)

The Regal Rumble 2015 will be remembered for Joe Coffey stealing the Undisputed Championship from the hands of Crusher Craib and for Scotty Swift finally winning the Regal Rumble Match. This set them on a collision course for Aberdeen Anarchy on May 23rd. The fans knew Scotty had a good chance of finally winning the Undisputed Title. Early on in the bout, it looked as if Joe would be unable to continue following a missed diving crossbody. As Coffey was helped backstage, he burst back through the curtain and ambushed Swift, revealing it to be a ruse. Continuing the fight in the ring, Scotty was able to counter Joe’s attack and planted him with a Granite City Driver for the win to finally capture the Undisputed Championship. His celebration was however cut short, as he was ambushed by the reformed Sterling Oil, leading to a series of heated bouts against the members.

6. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Crusher Craib (c) vs Jack Jester (Aberdeen Anarchy 2014)

After making his WrestleZone debut in 2013, Jack Jester made it known that he was coming for Crusher Craib’s Undisputed Championship. He recieved his first opportunity at the 2014 Cloverleaf Hotel show, picking up the win via DQ when Crusher used a steel chair, which meant Crusher retained. After Jester won the 2014 Regal Rumble, a rematch was set for May 10th at the Beach Ballroom. A battle between two behemoths rocked the Beach Ballroom as the monsters from Aberdeen and Glasgow collided once more. Referee Mikey Innes was unable to control the action and was knocked to the ground during the bout. With Crusher dominating, Jester grabbed ringside helper Thea Mainprize and held her hostage as a distraction to Crusher. This allowed Jack to smash Crusher across the head with a steel chair and plant him into the mat with a tombstone piledriver to win the gold. The reign of Crusher Craib was over at the hands of Jack Jester. Jester was able to get inside the head of Craib and break him down to pick up the win.

5. Ladder Match: Sterling Oil (Damien & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)) vs Johnny Lions, Kaden Garrick & Mr P (Aberdeen Anarchy 2016)

Last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy played host to WrestleZone’s second Ladder Match, as Johnny Lions and then-Tag Team Champions Kaden Garrick and Mr P took on the Sterling Oil trio of Damien and The Sterling Brothers, Alan and William. Each team had a unique stipulation; if Johnny, Kaden and Mr P were victorious, then they would be given a 3 on 1 Handicap Match against Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell at Battle of the Nations later in the year. However, if Damien, Alan and William pulled out the win, then they would all challenge for championship gold at Battle of the Nations with Damien going for the Undisputed Championship and The Sterling Brothers going for the Tag Team Championships. The match itself had many memorable moments. Kaden backdropping Alan on a ladder propped against the ropes, Russell trying to retrieve the contract from above the ring only to be stopped by a Lion Cutter in mid-air, Damien falling off a ladder and landing on another one. In the end, Alan poked Kaden in the eye to knock him off the ladder before he grabbed the contract to grant the win to Sterling Oil. At Battle of the Nations, Alan and William were successful in their hunt for the tag straps and ended Kaden Garrick’s unpinned streak in the process. Unfortunately for Damien, he was unable to pick up the Undisputed Championship from defending champion Scotty Swift in a match that also included Joe Coffey.

4. World of Sport Rules Match: Aspen Faith vs Len Ironside (Aberdeen Anarchy 2014)

For me, this is the match that put Aspen Faith on the map. After being caught cheating during matches by Len Ironside, Aspen Faith challenged Len to an Aberdeen Anarchy match during the 2014 Regal Rumble event. After initially declining the challenge, Len accepted the match with Aspen before being whacked across the jaw by his Aberdeen Anarchy opponent. After the announcement that the match would be contested under World of Sport Rules, Aspen revealed his seconds as Team SMASH associates James Midas and KT Kane while Len had the help of British wrestling legend Marty Jones. The little details in the match made it all the better. Referee Dennis Law getting suited up for the occasion, Aspen chugging away on an energy drink while Len sipped on some water, the public warnings. Aspen would manage to come out on top, winning 2 of the 3 falls. Following Aberdeen Anarchy, Aspen would go on to become known as The King of Catch and became one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the UK.

3. Revolution Rules Match: Crusher Craib vs Damien (Aberdeen Anarchy 2015)

After Damien cost Crusher Craib the Undisputed Championship at the 2015 Regal Rumble, Crusher was fuming. A match was eventually signed for Aberdeen Anarchy later that year, with Damien adding the stipulation of it being fought under Revolution Rules. During this time, no-one was safe from the path of Crusher Craib. The match at Anarchy kicked off the second half of the show, with the lights flickering, Martyn Clunes’ microphone failing to work and a message from ‘the emergency broadcast system’ being played on the video screen all adding to Damien’s entrance. The match itself was a brutal affair, with all sorts of weapons being used. Chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks, a fire extinguisher. All this and more as Crusher Craib and Damien went to war. Despite being sunset flip powerbombed into some chairs, Crusher Craib came out victorious following a huge boot to Damien’s jaw. But it was Damien that left on his own two feet as Crusher had to be helped backstage after suffering a concussion. Luckily, it was nothing too serious and Crusher was back in action by the next event.

2. Ladder Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships: The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling) (c) vs The Granite City Hotshots (Shawn Johnson & Bryan Tucker) (Aberdeen Anarchy 2014)

The makeshift tag team of Blue Thunder and William Sterling, later known as The Thunder Buddies, were put together in late-2013 in an 8-team tournament for the vacant WrestleZone Tag Team Championships, a tournament they would surprisingly go on to win. As we entered the road to Aberdeen Anarchy 2014, they were involved in a rivalry with The Granite City Hotshots with WrestleZone management deciding to settle it in their first-ever Ladder Match. Bodies were put on the line, all was sacrificed to walk out of the second Beach Ballroom supershow as the WrestleZone Tag Team Champions. Several memorable moments took place throughout the contest. Shawn’s miraculous dive off a ladder leaning against the ropes, Thunder being back dropped on a ladder placed in the corner, Tucker landing spine-first on a ladder. Eventually, it was Shawn Johnson who pulled the titles down to crown new champions. All four men put their bodies to the limit during this match.

1. Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier (Aberdeen Anarchy 2013)

When mentioning Aberdeen Anarchy, this is a match that always pops up. Kicking off the first supershow in 2013, Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier knocked it out of the park with their show-stealing performance. Right at the start of the bout, Bingo and Stevie rolled around the ring trading pinfalls and keeping referee Mikey Innes on top of the action. Dives and flips all around from both competitors kicked the first Beach Ballroom supershow off in style. After battling back and forth, it was Bingo Ballance who was able to pick up the win following the G17. The two embraced after the match, having put on a breathtaking performance for the packed audience. Personally, I don’t see another match topping this for a while to come.

Given how stacked the card is this year, this list will certainly have some new entries come next year. If you want to attend the supershow tomorrow night, very limited general admission tickets are still available, priced at £17 with a three for two deal ongoing if you enter the code WZ2017. These can be bought from;
The Lemon Tree on West North Street
His Majesty’s Theatre on Rosemount Viaduct

Tickets ordered online will be available for collection at the Beach Ballroom at 1pm. Any remaining tickets will be up for sale at the meet & greet tomorrow afternoon and also as doors open for the show at night.