Wrestler Spotlight: Gabriel Kidd

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at one of the hottest prospects on the British wrestling scene Gabriel Kidd, who debuts for ICW next Sunday in Edinburgh. 

– Adam Morrison

Photo Credit Buster Brown Photography Ltd

Alias – Gabriel Kidd, Kid Danger
Nicknames – N/A
Companies Wrestled For – House of Pain Wrestling, Leicester Championship Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, A-Merchandise, Berkshire Superstar Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Ironfist Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, Pro Evolution Wrestling and Entertainment Wrestling Association
Titles & Accomplishments
1x HOP Tag Team Champion w/Matt Hopkins
1x WCPW Internet Champion
Signature Moves – Sick Kick
Alliances – Ladz Ladz Ladz w/Zak Northern, The Kidd Connection w/Kid Richie, The Righteous Army w/Joseph Conners, Jimmy Havoc, Kay Lee Ray & The Pledge, w/Prince Ameen, w/Matt Hopkins, w/Moustachio
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