Pass Me the Book! Crusher Craib in Sterling Oil

This past Saturday at WrestleZone’s Aberdeen Anarchy supershow, Crusher Craib made his return to announce he has 100% fully recovered from his broken hip socket suffered at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. Announcing he would return to in-ring competition at this year’s Battle of the Nations on September 2nd, Crusher issued an open challenge for the event before joining Chris McDonald on commentary for the rest of the event. When it came time for the main event with Shawn Johnson challenging Scotty Swift for the Undisputed Title, Sterling Oil were kicked out from ringside after their interference. After referee Dennis Law was accidentally taken out of the match, Sterling Oil returned to the ring and started attacking Swift. This led to Crusher coming down from commentary and chasing them from the ring, before booting Scotty in the face as he held Shawn up for the Granite City Driver. Shawn followed with a huge stomp from the top rope to pick up the title, with Crusher revealing a Sterling Oil vest after the pinfall. Aberdeen Anarchy ended with Crusher Craib and the rest of Sterling Oil on top.

So, what happens next? Read on to find out what I think!

Although Crusher won’t be wrestling until Battle of the Nations, he will likely still appear at some or all of the events before then, probably coming out with fellow Sterling Oil members as a manager. In the build to Battle of the Nations, Crusher explains why he attacked Scotty Swift at the Beach Ballroom. He puts the blame on Scotty for his injury during their match at Aberdeen Anarchy 2016. In the weeks before Crusher’s scheduled in-ring return, Scotty Swift accepts the open challenge for Battle of the Nations.

At the Northern Hotel on September 2nd, Crusher and Scotty have an absolute war inside the ring as they both have something to get revenge for, with Crusher blaming Scotty for his injury and Scotty blaming Crusher for costing him the Undisputed Championship. In the end, Crusher pins Scotty following a huge boot to the jaw. After Shawn Johnson retains his Undisputed Title in the main event, Crusher and the rest of Sterling Oil come out to beat up his opponent (probably someone like Johnny Lions, Bryan Tucker, etc.) but are chased off by Scotty Swift wielding a steel chair. Scotty gets on the mic and says this thing with Crusher is only just getting started, before Crusher walks off with a smug smirk across his face as Battle of the Nations comes to a close.

At WrestleZone’s September live events in Keith and Brechin, Crusher picks up victories over Bryan Tucker and Jimbo Bannon, pinning them with a foot placed across their chest. A video is released on WrestleZone’s social media accounts where Crusher laughs at the competition that was offered in WrestleZone while he was away. With Halloween Hijinx coming up on October 28th, Craib again issues a challenge, this time to any former Undisputed Champion in WrestleZone history. Answering the challenge? Bingo Ballance. The brute force of Crusher Craib vs the speed of Bingo Ballance.

At the big show in Kincorth, Bingo comes so close to pinning Crusher’s shoulders to the mat but The Creator of Carnage manages to catch the Irishman mid-flight with a Black Hole Slam for the win. After his win, Crusher gets on the mic to address Scotty Swift. He says that when Scotty was the Undisputed Champion, WrestleZone was a disgrace. Crusher ends his berating of Swift by saying he’s past his prime and it’s only a matter of time before Scotty Swift is history.

Following Halloween Hijinx, a video appears on WrestleZone’s YouTube channel where Scotty replies to Crusher’s comments from Halloween Hijinx. He says he’s been in WrestleZone since day one and he’s not going away any time soon. He challenges Crusher Craib to face him in Huntly on November 11th at the Stewarts Hall, with the match later being made official. During the match, Scotty is able to knock Crusher over the ropes and down to ringside. Seeing a more aggressive side of The Red Haired Warrior, Crusher decides to head backstage and hand Swift a count out victory. As the referee counts to ten, Swift is ready to burst with anger. He storms backstage looking for Sterling Oil’s monster.

In the days following the show in Huntly, another video is posted that shows what happened when Scotty found Crusher lurking in the backstage area of the Stewarts Hall. As the two come face to face, Alan and William Sterling ambush Swift from behind and hold his arms back. Crusher beats away at a defenceless Scotty, before issuing another challenge for WrestleZone’s event in Arbroath on November 18th. He tells Scotty to find two partners for a six man tag team match against himself and The Sterling Brothers. If Scotty’s team are victorious, he’ll be allowed to pick the stipulation for a rematch between the two at Christmas Chaos on December 2nd. If he loses, that’s the end of Scotty Swift in WrestleZone. A video is released after, with Scotty announcing his partners to be Zach Dynamite and Johnny Lions. In Arbroath, Scotty’s team pick up the win before he announces the stipulation for their match will be the annual Christmas Brawl with all of Sterling Oil barred from ringside.

At Christmas Chaos, Crusher and Scotty use everything within arm’s reach to inflict pain on each other. Kendo sticks, steel chairs, tables. Towards the end of the match, the referee is taken out of the match accidentally at the hands of Scotty Swift. This leads to Damien and The Sterling Brothers making their way to ringside to assist Crusher. Alan and William drop Scotty with the Oil Crash, as Damien prepares to connect with his single knee Codebreaker. But he stops. Crusher shouts at Damien, demanding he attack Swift. By this point in the story, Damien has been making good use of his facial reactions since the Regal Rumble and specifically when he appeared to be the only one that didn’t know Crusher was joining Sterling Oil at Aberdeen Anarchy so it’s something that’s been building for a number of months by now. Back to this. Instead of taking out Scotty, Damien drops William Sterling with a superkick out of nowhere as the fans explode with joy. Alan goes to strike, but also takes a superkick to the jaw. Damien backs out the ring, holding up two fingers as his signature taunt. As Crusher turns back to Swift, he takes a Granite City Driver through a table for the three count to mark his first pinfall loss since making his return. Damien backs up through the curtain looking all smug as The Sterling Brothers help Crusher to the backstage area, with Scotty Swift standing there in shock.

Something to note, Damien wouldn’t necessarily be a full-fledged good guy. He’d be similar to AJ Styles in TNA circa-2013. No alliances with anyone, just acting on his own terms.

As we get started in 2018, a promo is uploaded where Damien explains his actions at Christmas Chaos. After saying he was forgotten about since Shawn Johnson joined Sterling Oil, it was time to go out on his own. Another video is posted, this time featuring Richard R. Russell and Crusher Craib. Russell is furious and says Damien better watch his back, just as Crusher walks into the view of the camera. Crusher says just five words;

Damien. Summerhill Showdown. Be there.

In a rematch from the 2015 Aberdeen Anarchy, Crusher Craib and Damien renew their rivalry with a hellacious encounter at Summerhill Showdown. Just wanting to decimate Damien, Crusher gets himself intentionally disqualified as he beats Damien down in the corner beyond the referee’s five count. Crusher tangles Damien’s arms in the ropes after beating him to a pulp as Richard R. Russell grabs a microphone. Russell says Damien made the biggest mistake of his career when he turned his back on Sterling Oil, while Crusher relentlessly punches away at Damien’s ribs. Russell ends by saying this was just the start of Sterling Oil’s revenge on The Revolutionary, before Crusher bounces off the ropes with a big boot to Damien’s face. Crusher and Richard head backstage as referees tend to a lifeless Damien.

Heading towards the 2018 Regal Rumble, Crusher Craib and Damien are both revealed as entrants in the Rumble Match. With Crusher entering at number 11, he tosses out most of the opposing field. As the time comes for entrant 18 to make their appearance, Damien’s music hits but he doesn’t appear. All of a sudden, The Sterling Brothers (who have already been eliminated) enter with a beaten down Damien over their shoulders. They dump him in the ring, ready for Crusher Craib to simply toss him over the ropes. But with Richard R. Russell at ringside, he screams at Crusher not to eliminate him quite yet. With no rules in a Regal Rumble Match, The Sterling Brothers enter the ring, where Alan drops Damien on his head with the DDT. Scotty Swift enters at number 19 and he cleans house on Alan and William, sending them both scampering backstage. After a few minutes of brawling, Crusher knocks Scotty over the top rope after a distraction from Richard. With Crusher and Damien remaining as the final two, Damien manages to pull down the top rope as Crusher charges towards him but he lands on the ring apron. As Damien gets back to his feet, he superkicks Crusher off the apron to officially win the 2018 Regal Rumble Match. The show ends with a staredown between former allies Damien and Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson. Crusher Craib can’t believe it.

At the last set of live events before Aberdeen Anarchy (likely four in Fraserburgh, Westhill, Inverurie and Stonehaven), Crusher Craib is on a warpath. Decimating the likes of Bradley Evans and Mr P, he makes a challenge to Scotty Swift for one final match at Aberdeen Anarchy. No interference, no shenanigans. Just two men ready to settle a score. After defeating William Sterling in Stonehaven, Scotty Swift accepts Crusher’s challenge for Anarchy. No matter who wins, this will be the last battle between Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib. Also at Aberdeen Anarchy 2018, Shawn Johnson defends the Undisputed Title against Regal Rumble winner Damien, a match Crusher Craib will have a role in.

As Aberdeen Anarchy arrives, Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift once again beat the living daylights out of each other. With the referee opting to not count them out due to the animosity between them, it leads to the two brawling up to the stage where Crusher delivers a huge boot to the face and leaves Scotty to get counted out. Despite not doing it earlier in the match, the referee does start to count towards ten but Scotty just makes it back to the ring at the count of nine. Seeing this, Crusher exposes the middle turnbuckle and drops Scotty to his knees in front of it. As he goes to kick his face into the exposed steel, management’s Chris McDonald comes down from commentary and pleads with him not to. This gives Scotty enough time to get back to his feet and plant Crusher with not one, but two Granite City Drivers for the three count. Richard R. Russell storms out from backstage and gets in the face of Chris as he calmly sits back down at the commentary desk.

In the main event, Damien challenges Shawn Johnson for his Undisputed Title. Before the match begins, Chris McDonald brings out some members of the WrestleZone roster to surround the ring incase of any Sterling Oil interference. As the match progresses, the referee gets taken down which leads to The Sterling Brothers coming out on the stage. Seeing this, the WrestleZone roster attack them and send them back to the locker room. But while this is going on, Crusher Craib enters through the crowd and drops Damien with a huge Black Hole Slam. He drapes Shawn’s arm on top as a second referee enters, but Damien gets his shoulder up at two. The match continues for a few more minutes, before Shawn Irish whips Damien in to the ropes, ready for Crusher to trip him up. But Damien reverses, and Crusher accidentally trips up his own ally. This leads to Damien nailing a superkick to become a 2-time Undisputed Champion. The show ends with Damien celebrating as the new top guy of WrestleZone.

So, it’s a lot to happen from one Aberdeen Anarchy to another. But that’s just my take on it. Let’s see what WrestleZone have to offer in the coming months!

– Adam Morrison