SWE Uprising 24/06/17 Results

Ardler Complex, Dundee

gWo open the show with a birthday party for Steven ‘Air’ Myles. Grue litters the ring and asks Edith Summer comes out to clean it. Grue tells her to get on her hands and knees to clean it, she quits and walks out. gWo then leave Grue and Myles. Grue gives Steven the best birthday gift ever, a SWE Heavyweight Championship match next month.

Ian Ambrose entered and demanded a SWE Future Division Championship match, Myles says no, Ambrose then says if he wins he gets the title if he loses he would join the gWo. Myles goes to say no but Grue agrees, gWo then attack Ambrose and Myles uses a baseball bat to Ambrose’s knee.

The first guest for Hell for Lycra is announced, WWE UK Tournament entrant Sam Gradwell.

Zack Leon & Alex Webb defeated Darren Blair and & KJ Nitro by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – The Jackal defeated Jack Morris and Spike Tierney by Pinfall.

The second guest for Hell for Lycra is announced, WWE UK Tournament entrant James Drake.

Nathan Reynolds defeated Stallyon w/Mr Mackie by Disqualification.

On The Heel Reel Bravehart returned and told Grue that he can’t fire him as he is the founder. He announced that the next guest for Hell for Lycra is WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Zack Sabre Jr, who will challenge for the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way – Mr Mackie defeated JD Wilde, Kevin Williams and Scotty Riccio by Pinfall to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

Ryan Severn defeated Massimo by Pinfall.

After the match Massimo announced that this was his last match in Scotland as he is leaving for Japan, he thanked the Scottish fans for everything and SWE wished him all the best in his new chapter.

SWE Future Division Championship – Ian Ambrose defeated Steven ‘Air’ Myles by Pinfall to win the SWE Future Division Championship.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment