Final Four: Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament

On September 16th at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh Discovery Wrestling will hold one of their staples, the Elimination Four-Way, the competitors? Four women who have battled there way through a qualifer to advance to this match. The prize? To become the first ever Discovery Wrestling Women’s Champion which will be presented by former WWE Women’s and TNA Knockout Champion Lisa Marie Varon.

defeated The Amazon Ayesha Ray to advance

Originally Martina wasn’t anywhere near this tournament but due to the first qualifier, Candice LaRae (who defeated Viper), could no longer compete in the final, it was decided by Discovery management that due to the Session Moth’s win over The Amazon at The Elite event that she would take the place of Candice. The sesh loving moth is familiar with holding gold, and by that I mean championship belts as a former OTT Women’s Champion. There’s more to Martina than the leopard print and cans of beer.

Nina Samuels
defeated Debbie Sharpe to advance

The first lady of the Buffet Club surprised people when she made her debut, showing less of a fun but dastardly attitude than that her comrades Rob Cage and Gene Munny show but just a relentless meaness as she stomped and beat Debbie Sharpe who was on a mean streak of her own. She certainly left an impression on those who witnessed the match. Will be interesting to see her lock up with, the other half of the fractured BAE Club, Sammii Jayne.

Sammii Jayne
defeated Toni Storm to advance

The current Pro Wrestling:EVE Champion defeated the PROGRESS Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, by submission to advance to the four way. If that isn’t an impressive feat to make yourself the favourite then I don’t know what else Sammii Jayne has to do. This match is yet to go up On Demand but seeing the social media comments confirmed that the match was great so to come off the back of that, and being one of the last to advance, will be heavily pressing on the momentum meter. She’s the Queen of Catch and will be out to reign as Queen of Discovery Wrestling. If anyone is capable, it’s Sammii Jayne.

Lucy Cole
defeated Jayla Dark to advance

The final woman to advance by taking advantage of a House of Saynt-Chase & Sharp fracus at ringside and defeating the newly christened Jayla Dark, the former Bete Noire. Possibly one of the least experienced but shows promise and won’t be backing down in this match without a fight. Watch for Lucy Cole to provide some surprises in the final, she’s certainly got the talent to shock her opponents.

Four incredibly talented competitors, one title and all to take place on September 16th in Edinburgh. A packed final to celebrate three years of Discovery Wrestling. Who’s your pick to win? Comment below!