Women’s Wrestling in 2017 – A Quick Rant

I saw a tweet earlier this week from someone who said the UK needs to have that one standout women’s match to put women’s wrestling in the United Kingdom on top of the mountain.

Judging by the tweet, I assume this person doesn’t keep up with women’s wrestling in the country.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Women like Sammii Jayne, Kay Lee Ray, Debbie Sharpe, Lucy Cole and WWE Mae Young Classic participant Viper have shown time in and time out why this tweet is irrelevant. These women and many, many more from around the UK always give it their all inside the ring to send the fans home happy. More and more companies are adding in a women’s championship/division, with Edinburgh-based Discovery Wrestling set to crown their inaugural Women’s Champion in September. Another example, although not a Scottish promotion, saw PROGRESS Wrestling recently crown Toni Storm, also in the Mae Young Classic, their first Women’s Champion in May.

Photo credit David J Wilson

In terms of matches, what is there to say? The ladies go out and put on better matches than their male counterparts most of the time. Although I’ve yet to see both, I’ve heard fantastic things about Sammii Jayne vs Toni Storm from Discovery Wrestling and Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm from PROGRESS Wrestling. Thanks to these matches and the reception they recieve, more and more women become inspired to get involved and become wrestlers themselves. I mentioned Lucy Cole earlier on, she’s just one of many fantastic female athletes to rise up in women’s wrestling.

Photo credit David J Wilson

So back to that person’s tweet. What do they know? Clearly they’ve not watched a women’s match from the UK.

Rant over.

Adam Morrison