Predicting the Next Five ICW World Heavyweight Champions

by Adam Morrison

I’ve enjoyed every minute of Joe Coffey’s reign as ICW World Heavyweight Champion. His mic work has been superb since turning to the dark side and associating himself with Red Lightning. But as we all know, he can’t hold the gold forever. But who goes on to become champion after The Iron King? Well, let’s have a look at who I think will be the next five ICW World Heavyweight Champions!

1. Trent Seven
When: ICW Fear & Loathing X
How: Joe Coffey retains against Jack Jester at Shug’s Hoose Party 4, only to be confronted by former champion Trent Seven following the match (which to my knowledge, will be his first appearance since losing the gold at Barramania III). Trent simply stares down Joe, glances at the title belt and leaves. This all builds to the tenth Fear & Loathing on November 19th, where Trent will receive his championship rematch. Grado and Red Lightning (plus anyone else who may join their alliance between now and then) run down to interfere but are soon stopped by Trent’s allies from British Strong Style, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. With Coffey distracted, Trent connects with his Seven Stars lariat to become a 2-time ICW World Heavyweight Champion.

2. Stevie Boy
When: ICW Barramania IV
How: Stevie Boy goes on to win the 7th Annual Square Go in 2018, waiting for the perfect opportunity to cash in. After Trent Seven goes through a gruelling title defense against Grado at Barramania IV, Stevie enters and picks the bones as he cashes in. As soon as the bell rings, Stevie grabs Trent and plants him with a Glasgow Destroyer for the three count to finally cement himself on top of Insane Championship Wrestling, holding the gold for the remainder of the year.

3. Chris Renfrew
When: ICW 8th Annual Square Go
How: Under the command of Mikey Whiplash, Chris Renfrew is more dangerous than ever before. The two rekindle their rivalry with Stevie Boy, leading to Renfrew recieving a title shot at the 8th Annual Square Go in 2019. In a bruising affair, the returning Michael Dante distracts Stevie which allows Renfrew to position The Icon Killer for a T-Virus on a thumbtack-covered chair for the three count. Legion stand tall over ICW with the World Heavyweight Championship in their possession.

4. Jackie Polo
When: ICW Shug’s Hoose Party VI
How: By this point, it’s the summer of 2019 and Polo Promotions have split up following their loss to The Marauders at Shug’s Hoose Party IV. As a result, they’re banned from teaming and Jackie Polo has turned his back on Mark Coffey. Jackie goes on to win the 8th Annual Square Go and cashes in on Chris Renfrew at Shug’s Hoose Party VI. Nailing three Shoulderbreakers, Scotland’s Beeeeeeesssssssttttttt Wrestler finally achieves his goal of becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion, holding the gold for well over a year with the intention of breaking James Scott’s record of 1028 days with the belt.

5. Mark Coffey
When: ICW Fear & Loathing XIII
How: After the breakup of Polo Promotions and a loss to former partner Jackie Polo at Fear & Loathing X, Mark Coffey takes a slight absence from ICW before returning at the 9th Annual Square Go as the 30th entrant in the Square Go Match. After winning the match, he announces he’s cashing in against Jackie Polo at Fear & Loathing XIII. Intent on gaining revenge at ICW’s biggest show of the year, Mark costs other challengers their title opportunities. With Jackie hanging on to the belt until Fear & Loathing, the match is signed. After a slugfest, Mark picks up the win following the Red Forman forearm to the jaw to put an end to Jackie Polo’s control over Insane Championship Wrestling.

So we’ve got a moustache extraordinaire, an Icon Killer, a C**t of Personality, a Beeeeeeesssssssttttttt Wrestler and a Power Forward. Who do you think will be a future ICW World Heavyweight Champion?