The Life of Smith: Team Reckless Intent versus Team Paul Tracey

I was back in action for Reckless Intent Wrestling last weekend, aligning with my fellow Paul Tracey Guy David Devlin and of course, The Lord of the Manor himself, Paul Tracey. We were in six-man tag team action against Dave Conrad, Theo Doros and a tag partner of their choosing. The weeks leading up to the show, there was no indication as to who their third man would be and we could only speculate as to who they were going to choose.

The lead up to the show saw me playing detective as to who this third man could be. I can recall interfering in a match featuring Chris Renfrew in Twechar, as well as injuring the leg of Jackie Grady last month in Livingston, so I initially speculated one of these two would be the third man for Team Reckless Intent. However, both men would go on to accept the open challenge laid out by current Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion James Scott, which saw the champion retain his title against both men and Renfrew assault two security personnel and Jackie Grady post-match in an interesting turn of events, before Theo Doros entered the fray to calm Renfrew down.

It was not until we were in the ring and after Dave Conrad announced the third man that things suddenly clicked. It was announced on social media that Michael Chase would be at the show, but no opponent had been announced for him. I was kicking myself at this and my compulsive overthinking getting the better of me! Yes, Michael Chase was the third man for Team Reckless Intent and the match got off to an eventful start, with there being plenty of fisticuffs, followed by aerial assaults from Theo Doros and Michael Chase, as well as a solid double clothesline on the outside by Dave Conrad. Cunning and teamwork helped Team Paul Tracey gain the advantage, but a series of unfortunate events allowed Theo Doros to make the tag and ultimately, Team Reckless Intent ended up victorious.

Team Paul Tracey did not take to losing very well and decided to further assault Team Reckless Intent post-match, before Chris Renfrew ran in uninvited with a steel chair. We wanted nothing to do with this, so we went on our way and were chased out of the building by Chase and Conrad. According to several reports, Renfrew brutally assaulted Theo Doros after initially stating he was wanting to explain his actions earlier in the night, which has resulted in a match between the two men being announced at Cruel Summer, Reckless Intent’s biggest show of the year that takes place on August 5th at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston. I can see this being an intense match, with Theo being a very determined and athletic competitor that has been picking up frequent wins in Reckless Intent this year and Renfrew having that mean streak and hard-hitting style that has helped him win championships in the past.

Also announced for Cruel Summer is Grado versus James Scott for the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship and a triple threat ladder match for the Reckless Intent Slam Championship, where reigning champion Dickie Divers will face Michael Chase and David Devlin. Reckless Intent UK Champion DCT will also be in action and expect there to be more announcements over the next few weeks. Tickets for this show are still available at I will next be in action for United Pro Wrestling, as they debut in in Peterhead and at the Peterhead Community Centre on Saturday 22nd July and on Sunday 23rd July, I will be wrestling at the Source Wrestling Showcase, which takes place at the Source Wrestling School in Pollokshaws, Glasgow. Until then, that is the life of Smith. Good day.

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