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We have been big fans of ICW for a few years now and one reason amongst many others is the over the top characters that are portrayed on the shows. One of these performers that has been making a name for himself recently is Christopher Saynt and we got the pleasure to find out more about the very talented Patriarch Of The House Of Saynt with this short interview.


UWR: Where are you from ?

Saynt: From Glasgow

UWR: How old are you ?

Saynt:  25

UWR: Were you a fan of pro wrestling growing up ?

Saynt:  I was a fan yeah since the age of 8


UWR: Where did you train to become a wrestler and who trained you ?

Saynt: I trained at the Source Wrestling School under Damian O’Connor (aka NXT’s Killian Dain)  and Mikey Whiplash

UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up ?

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