SWE Live feat. Jeff Cobb 22/07/17 Results

Kirkton Community Centre, Kirkton

The Riot Chris James defeated Ryan Severn by Pinfall.

Darren Blair defeated Zack Leon by Disqualification*.

*Darren Blair threw a chair at Zack Leon and lay down while the referee was distracted.

Alex Webb defeated KJ Nitro by Pinfall.

Heel Reel segment, guest General Manager Bravehart said Myles had to earn his title shot so it will be the first ever random battle royal, no particular entrants and more then one can enter at a time plus the winner of Jeff Cobb versus JD Wilde would be added to the title match next week. Making it a triple threat match.

Bravehart introduced Edith Summer to deliver her farewell speech, Edith talked about how her hero Bret Hart was an inspiration to her and how she’s loved the last 4 years. She thanked David Low and Chaz Phoenix for the opportunity. Grue appeared from under the ring with bat and struck Edith with it then kicked her in the ribs before putting Edith into a Sharpshooter. Bravehart came to the rescue and Grue went on a tirade, stating that anyone who stands up to David Low gets exiled from SWE but couldn’t mention any names as it would make “mega news”. Grue went on to say that he was always held back and that David had no intention of leaving SWE. He gave Low seven days to decide to stay or leave SWE and if he stays he better be ready for war and that he’ll burn the company to the ground.

SWE Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership – Random Battle RoyalWinner: Steven ‘Air’ Myles*

*Final two were Steven ‘Air’ Myles & Euan G Mackie, Mackie was distracted by Miss Demeanor leaving during the final showdown and was eliminated by Myles.

SWE Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership – JD Wilde defeated Jeff Cobb by Pinfall.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment