SWE Summary with Justin Crow | SWE Returned to Kirkton Community Centre

A great night was had by all as SWE rolled back to Kirkton Community Centre for a night where the SWE Training school really shone bright!

“The Riot” Chris James finally broke that dry spell of his and managed to get a small bit of revenge against GWO. Was his win against Ryan Severn the start of many as he continues his drive to take down the GWO?

Following tag team success at last month’s Uprising, Alex Webb and Zack Leon went one on one with their former opponents to see if that win was a fluke, or merited. First up, Zack Leon took on Darren Blair, who had to resort to some tricky tactics to get the win but Alex Webb had more success against KJ Nitro, in a match that took its toll on both men, Webb would dig deep and get the win and the respect of the GWO member.

Next up came the Heel Reel where Bravehart had been granted GM status due to Grue being AWOL and uncontactable. With his temporary power, Bravehart scrapped the affore set Heavyweight Title match next week at Uprising and stated Myles would need to earn his shot. He would do so as being part of a Random Battle Royale. Throw out anything you know about Battle Royales as we’re having multiple people entering at the same time, random and sporadic intervals between entrants and the winner would face Mackie next week at Uprising…along with the winner of the main event of Jeff Cobb vs JD Wilde. Edith Summers then came out to say her emotional goodbye to the SWE Army but when finished, shockingly Grue came out from under the ring and attacked Summers, but Bravehart came to her rescue and after a strong verbal assault from Grue to both Bravehart and Chaz Phoenix, who was with me on commentary, Grue set Bravehart an ultimatum which he has to decide by next week’s Uprising! Leave SWE once and for all, stop turning up for Heel Reels and interfering in GWO business or Grue would destroy SWE, the company Bravehart and Chaz Pheonix built, from within. Bravehart wasn’t happy with this and hell bent, chased Grue right out the building.

Next up came that Random Battle Royale, which was so random, Chaz and I struggled to call it. It was pandemonium out there, with everyone entering, including some fresh talent from the SWE Training School. But when the dust settled, we were down to Supercharged, Deadcell, 2 x GWO members and Jackal and Mackie – yes, the champ himself was in this battle royale (told you it was random). In the end it came down to Mackie and Myles and when Mackie needed assistance from Miss Demeanour, she had disappeared from ringside. This distraction allowed Myles to get the win and merit the match as set for next week. But who will join them in that triple threat?

We were about to find out as the main event was upon us, JD Wilde with Eddie Devine taking on Jeff Cobb. The Scumbucks entered… with Corn on the Cobs trying to get inside the head of the monstrous Cobb. Cobb hammered everything at Wilde, throwing him around like a rag doll but Wilde just wouldn’t stay down. In the end, desperation struck and Devine lept from the top rope and struck Cobb across the head with a corn on the cob. This had little physical effect on the American but the distraction was enough to allow Wilde, in actions mirroring his partner in his epic encounter with Chris Hero, to get a sneaky backslide and the three count.

A great night indeed and it was so good to be back at Kirkton Community Centre. Next week, the highway to Hell For Lycra continues as we have the penultimate Uprising with EG Mackie defending the Heavyweight title against both Steven “Air” Myles and JD Wilde. See you all there!

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– Justin Crow