UPW Rundown with Bryan Wayne | Peterhead Scottish Week

United Pro Wrestling Live
Peterhead Scottish Week
Peterhead Community Centre
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
Saturday 22nd July 2017

Livewire Zack Matthews vs Bad Boy Riley Adams

Before the match Riley Adams attacked Livewire during his entrance.

Riley Adams defeated Livewire with a lariat.

Next contest we saw a Triple Threat Match.

Fabulous Jonathan Richards vs Lucha DS vs Self Proclaimed King Chris Lamb

Lucha DS hit both Richards & Lamb with a 619 & then climbed up to the top rope & hit an impressive swanton bomb on to Jonathan Richards to pick up the win.

Next The Greatest Wrestler of All Time made his way to the ring to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back.

The open challenge was answered by Stayllon.

Stayllon hit The Greatest Wrestler of All Time with a big forearm knocking him out.

Stayllon was declared the winner as The Greatest Wrestler of All Time was unable to continue.

A win didn't seem to be enough for Stayllon as he began to start whipping The Greatest Wrestler of All Time with his chain.

A Colt Cabana promo would then air promoting the next United Pro Wrestling Live show at the MACBI Community Hub in Mintlaw on Sunday 6th August, special start time 2pm.

After a brief intermission the action would continue with our next contest.

Delsin Dayre vs The Notorious Johnny Pugs

Johnny Pugs defeated Delsin Dayre after slamming Deslin to mat with a power bomb.

After the match Chris Lamb would run into the ring attacking Johnny Pugs with a chair injuring Johnny Pugs' leg.

Next contest we would see Lucian Maynard Smith vs Theo Doros

Lucian Maynard Smith declared that when he wins Peterhead Scottish Week would no longer be called Scottish Week but will be called English Season.

Lucian Maynard Smith defeated Theo Doros with a DDT.


JFC vs Michael Chase

Michael Chase picked up the win after hitting JFC with the Cut to the Chase & then a springboard splash.

Next was our main event a Battle Royal to crown the first ever United Pro Wrestling King of Peterhead Scottish Week.


Riley Adams eliminated Livewire Zack Matthews.
JFC eliminated Stallyon.
Michael Chase eliminated Jonathan Richards.
Riley Adams eliminated The Greatest Wrestler of All Time.
Theo Doros eliminated Delsin Dayre.
King Chris Lamb eliminated Lucha DS.
Riley Adams eliminated JFC.
Riley Adams eliminated Michael Chase.
Theo Doros eliminated King Chris Lamb.
Theo Doros eliminated Riley Adams.
Theo Doros eliminated Lucian Maynard Smith.

Theo Doros wins the Battle Royal & becomes the first ever United Pro Wrestling King of Peterhead Scottish Week.

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