ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 4 Weekender Preview by Adam Morrison

Shug’s Hoose Party is back with a two-night weekender taking place on July 29th and 30th from the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Always an eventful night on the ICW calendar, Shug’s Hoose Party has showcased some of the most talked about moments in ICW history. From Drew Galloway’s return to Wolfgang snatching the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Joe Coffey, who knows what could happen this year.

Night One – Saturday July 29th

The Pinky Party (Sha Samuels & Noam Dar) vs RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand (Joe Coffey & Grado)

A huge tag team match takes place on night 1, as Sha Samuels and the returning Noam Dar face off against Red Lightning’s clients Grado and the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey. Sha, Noam and Grado have been friends for as long as fans can remember. When Noam departed for WWE in September, Grado and Sha were able to win back full control of ICW for Mark Dallas before Grado turned his back on the fans at Barramania last April. Introducing his new Sports & Entertainment Agent as Red Lightning and being joined by Joe Coffey later that night, the new alliance claimed they weren’t wrestling on night one. Mark Dallas and Chris Toal had other things to say and put them in a tag team match (playa). Sha Samuels entered as one of the opponents, before fans were shocked as Noam Dar appeared on screen. The Pinky Party reunites this Saturday night!

Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship
BT Gunn vs Wolfgang vs Pete Dunne (c) vs Trent Seven

History will be made this Saturday night as a WWE title will be defended on a non-WWE show for the first time. Pete Dunne will return to ICW to put his United Kingdom Championship on the line in a Fatal Four Way Match against BT Gunn, Wolfgang and the returning Trent Seven. After the news broke that a WWE title would be defended outwith a WWE event for the first time in history, fans were intrigued to find out who would go on to face Pete Dunne for the gold at the end of July. BT Gunn was victorious in a Fatal Four Way Match over Davey Blaze, Kenny Williams and Gabriel Kidd to earn the right to face Wolfgang at the July 9th tapings of Fight Club with the winner advancing to the title match. The match ended in controversial fashion with separate referees counting both men’s shoulders to the mat, leading Mark Dallas to place both men in the match alongside the return of Trent Seven. This is surely going to be a match of the year contender.

Ladder Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship
Zack Gibson (c) vs Kenny Williams

The Zero-G Championship will be up for grabs this weekend as former champion Kenny Williams challenges Zack Gibson in a Ladder Match. Ever since Kenny became the champion at Fear & Loathing last year, Zack Gibson has had his eye on the belt. After a failed attempt at trying to capture the gold in May, Gibson further attacked Kenny at a Fight Club taping, causing The Bollocks to challenge Liverpool’s Number One to a Falls Count Anywhere Glasgow Street Fight on June 18th. Zack Gibson would go on to win the match and the title thanks to his Shankly Gates submission hold. But the war between these two has still not been put to rest, so Mark Dallas has decided to hang the title from the roof of the O2 ABC this weekend to see who truly deserves to be on top of the Zero-G division.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Kasey

The Women’s Championship will also be on the line this Saturday as Kay Lee Ray defends against Kasey. Holding the gold since November of last year, The Queen of Hardcore has set back some amazing athletes, including Martina, Jungle Kyona and Kasey herself. Winning the title from Carmel at the Hydro showed just how much she wanted to be the ICW Women’s Champion, putting her body on the line to ensure she walked away with the gold. Kasey was able to earn another crack at Kay Lee’s gold be pinning Viper back in Edinburgh at T2 Tramspotting. After coming up short in her previous opportunity at the 6th Annual Square Go, the Irish native will be hoping for a different ending this time around.

Unsanctioned Match
Lionheart vs Joe Hendry

Perhaps the most personal rivalry in ICW history comes to a head on night one of Shug’s Hoose Party 4 as Joe Hendry faces Lionheart. After comments made by Lionheart about Joe’s personal life, things got heated between the two and a match was set for Barramania III back in April. With Hendry seemingly aggravating Lionheart, he was knocked to the floor with a vicious bicycle kick before Lionheart kicked Joe in the head while he was down, leading to the match being thrown out on medical terms. ICW officials have tried their best to keep these two apart, but what will happen when they meet in a match not sanctioned by ICW management?

Dog Collar Match
Stevie Boy vs Mike Whiplash

A grudge will hopefully be settled this Saturday as Stevie Boy faces ‘The Necromancer’ Mikey Whiplash in a Dog Collar Match. At Barramania III, Stevie Boy faced off against Chris Renfrew in a brutal Last Man Standing Match. As Renfrew grabbed a steel chair coated in thumbtacks, a masked man emerged through the ring and dragged him underneath. That man revealed himself as Mikey Whiplash, who hadn’t been seen in an ICW ring for quite some time. Since then, Whiplash has converted Renfrew to his sadistic ways and the pair have set their sights on Stevie Boy and girlfriend Kay Lee Ray. Whiplash has made it his promise to help Stevie be the best that he can be. With the leader of The Filthy Generation recently defeating Whiplash in a Deathmatch at T2 Tramspotting, who knows what kind of psychological mind games Whiplash will have up his sleeve come July 29th, especially with the Dog Collar stipulation.

Referee vs Wrestler
Thomas Kearins vs Dickie Divers

ICW senior official and vigilante ref Thomas Kearins steps in to the ring this Saturday to settle a rivalry with Dickie Divers. After Divers intentionally shoved DCT in to Kearins on an episode of Fight Club, the referee retaliated with a DDT. Since then, these two have been going back and forth with Divers attacking Kearins backstage and Kearins hitting Divers across the head with a kendo stick. Thomas’ fellow referee Sean McLaughlin tried to talk his colleague out of getting in the ring, but ICW’s senior official is intent on ending this rivalry once and for all.

Jody Fleisch vs Super Crazy

Two of the world’s best flyers go head to head on night one as Jody Fleisch face off against former WWE and ECW star Super Crazy. Jody has been one of the more underlooked British wrestlers for a while, with guys like Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll taking over the world. But that’s not to say he’s not as good as them, as proven when he busts out his trademark 720 DDT. Super Crazy has been in the wrestling business since 1988, about 9 years more than Fleisch. Crazy is a very versatile wrestler, as he can bust out the high flying moves or the more strike-based offence. Despite being in his forties, the former ECW World Television Champion can still fly like the best of the them. This is a match I cannot wait to see when the show goes up online.

Liam Thomson & Bull James vs Lou King Sharp & Krieger*

Bull James returns to ICW this Saturday as he teams with Liam Thomson to face Kid Fite’s newest associates Lou King Sharp and Krieger. Liam Thomson hasn’t been having the best of times as of late, losing his sink and house to Wolfgang in separate matches. With the help of former NXT star Bull James, LT Degree could get back to winning ways as they face the reigning PBW Tag Team Champions, Lou King Sharp and Krieger. Since being introduced as full-time members of the ICW roster by trainer Kid Fite, the two young grapplers were unsuccessful in their match against Polo Promotions at a recent Fight Club taping. If they’re able to defeat two heavy hitters in Liam and Bull this Saturday, you’d have to imagine that would boost them up the rankings for a shot at the Tag Team Championships.

*Due to injury, Liam Thomson has been removed from the match up and has been amended to Bull James vs Kid Fite.

Night Two – Sunday July 30th

Steel Cage Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Jack Jester

The main event for night 2 will see Joe Coffey put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Jack Jester inside the demonic steel cage. With Coffey boasting about not having to defend his title at Shug’s Hoose Party, Jack Jester entered and proclaimed himself the #1 contender for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. However, Joe’s associate Red Lightning went to Mark Dallas to make a six way #1 contenders match, featuring Jester, Tyler Bate, Sha Samuels, Davey Blaze, Lionheart and DCT. To his dismay, Jester won and officially became the next in line for a shot at Joe Coffey’s title. Jester knows Lightning all too well from their days in The Black Label, so he’ll know what sort of shenanigans to expect. A huge main event this Sunday as The Iron King meets Big Kink, with ICW’s top prize on the line inside ICW’s most punishing structure.

Sha Samuels vs Grado

Everyone knows the story between Sha Samuels and Grado. Having been best friends for years, it seemed nothing could come between that. Except for one thing; money. After losing to Wolfgang at Barramania III, Grado looked as if he was leaving ICW only to kick Sha below the belt. Grado had turned his back on ICW, and he rubbed it in the face of Mark Dallas as he introduced his Sports & Entertainment Agent, the returning Red Lightning. Since then, Grado has been known as an International Wrestling Superstar and TV Personality, boasting about being a member of the TNA/GFW roster to constantly berate the fans. The East-End Butcher will hope to finally shut the mouth of Grado, and perhaps bring out the old fun-loving guy that everyone knows and loves.

Wolfgang vs Super Crazy

One of this year’s guests for Shug’s Hoose Party is former ECW superstar Super Crazy. On night two, the Mexican star is set to go one on one against WWE UK Championship Tournament star Wolfgang. With both men set for huge matches the previous night, that could possibly wear them down for their match against each other. While Super Crazy only has one opponent to deal with in Jody Fleisch, Wolfgang will have to fend off three other men in the hopes of becoming the third WWE United Kingdom Champion on night one.

Jody Fleisch vs Aaron Echo

Aaron Echo returns to ICW on night two of Shug’s Hoose Party as he takes on high flying sensation, Jody Fleisch in what is sure to be a fantastic encounter. Unlike Jody, Aaron won’t be in action on night one which Echo could use to his advantage. Not only is Jody competing on night one, but he’ll be up against Super Crazy. That match is sure to take a lot out of the Londoner, which will perhaps soften him up for Aaron Echo the following night.

Kiss My Arse Match
Adam Shame & DCT vs Davey Blaze & The Wee Man

For months now, Davey Blaze and The Wee Man have been antagonising DCT and Coach Trip, Davey even putting his hands on DCT’s wife Viper. After Davey and Kay Lee Ray defeated DCT and Viper at Barramania III with help from The Wee Man, Coach Trip stormed the ring and booted Davey in the chest, sending him packing. Except this time, there was no Coach Trip. Instead, we had ‘The Paisley Wrecking Machine’ Adam Shame. Finally having enough of this treatment, The Fellas in Yella are seeking revenge. Following Davey and Wee Man mocking them on an edition of Fight Club, DCT issued a challenge for a Kiss My Arse Match at Shug’s Hoose Party. Seeing this as another opportunity to embarrass DCT and Shame, the challenge was accepted by Blaze and Wee Man.

If Polo Promotions win, they get a shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships
If Polo Promotions lose, they will be forced to split up
The Marauders (Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Iestyn Rees) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) and a mystery partner

After winning the Tag Team Championships from Polo Promotions back at the 6th Annual Square Go!, The Marauders have been unstoppable in their ascent to the top of the tag team division. Beating teams such as Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith, Modern Culture and The Hunter Brothers, it’s not been the easiest of journeys for the Welsh tandem. Alongside Iestyn Rees, the trio have been unstoppable. On night two, they’ll face Polo Promotions and a third man with two unique stipulations on the line. If Polo Promotions are victorious on Sunday, they’ll earn a future shot at Bird & Boar’s ICW Tag Team Championships. But if they lose, there will be no more Polo Promotions in ICW. Huge ramifications for Polo Promotions this Sunday at Shug’s Hoose Party. But will they be able to find a third man?

Ravie Davie and Martina’s Scheme Wedding

Night two will also play host to the wedding of the century between Ravie Davie and Martina. After DCT and Viper’s wedding two years ago was interrupted by Bram, will anyone stop these two lovebirds from getting married?

Fear & Loathing X Announcement

On night two, Mark Dallas will be making a huge announcement regarding Kevin Nash’s newest signing to appear live at the Hydro for Fear & Loathing X on November 19th.

Meet & Greet

Before each night, three stars of Shug’s Hoose Party will be on hand to meet the fans. Night one will see Wolfgang, Pete Dunne and the returning Noam Dar meeting their fans, while night two will feature Super Crazy, Bram and Red Lightning’s client Grado.

Tickets for night one are sold out, but you might be lucky if you head over to the event page on Facebook. As of writing, there are still a limited amount of tickets available for night two.

Announced Matches – Night One
The Pinky Party vs RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand
Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship – Pete Dunne (c) vs BT Gunn vs Wolfgang vs Trent Seven
Ladder Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship – Zack Gibson (c) vs Kenny Williams
ICW Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Kasey
Unsanctioned Match – Joe Hendry vs Lionheart
Dog Collar Match – Stevie Boy vs Mikey Whiplash
Referee vs Wrestler – Thomas Kearins vs Dickie Divers
Jody Fleisch vs Super Crazy
Liam Thomson & Bull James vs Lou King Sharp & Krieger

Announced Matches – Night Two
Steel Cage Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Jack Jester
Sha Samuels vs Grado
Wolfgang vs Super Crazy
Aaron Echo vs Jody Fleisch
Kiss My Arse Match – DCT & Adam Shame vs Davey Blaze & The Wee Man
Title Shot vs No Polo Promotions – Polo Promotions & a mystery partner vs The Marauders