The Life of Smith: United We Slam, Divided I Stand

I ended up making my debut for the upstart Aberdeenshire-based promotion United Pro Wrestling last Saturday, as they ran a show at the Peterhead Community Centre in association with Peterhead Scottish Week, an annual festival that takes place every year in Peterhead and for the first time in decades, wrestling was going to be a part of Peterhead Scottish Week.

I was looking to turn Peterhead Scottish Week into English Season, something I thought would be worthwhile celebrating and I wanted to bring some English flavour to Peterhead. I travelled up north to Peterhead with Johnathan Richards and Lucha DS, two men of PBW fame that have recently been working for companies such as Exposure Entertainment in Wales, Caithness Pro Wrestling in the Wick/Thurso area of Scotland and on the holiday camp circuit for All Star Wrestling. I hadn’t seen either of these gentlemen in a good while, so it was good to catch up with them both.

It was also good catching up with some people I had not seen in years. I had not seen Riley Adams since my SWE days and I last saw ‘Livewire’ Zack Matthews on the first ever W3L Northern Tour, with me refereeing the match that saw him get his nose broken by The Bulgarian Baker. These two men would end up battling against one another in the opening match of the night, with Adams picking up the win.

My opponent for my debut would be a familiar foe in Theo Doros. When I am battling against Theo, I am usually defending the honour of ‘The Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey, but this time I would be representing THE European Capital of Culture of Liverpool and THE greatest country in the world in England. It was another competitive match between the two of us, but I managed to utilise a tremendous display of tactics before debuting The Eclipse, a Cobra Clutch into a DDT that proved to be a helpful signature move for yours truly and one that I might utilise more often.

The show concluded with a battle royale, which would determine who would be the first ever King of Peterhead Scottish Week. I had a strong feeling going into this match that I would become king and reign supreme over United Pro Wrestling, but it was not to be. Theo Doros would go on to win the battle royale, picking up the win, the kingship and the shiny trophy that came with it. Robbed and gutted.

United Pro Wrestling’s next show is on Sunday 6th August, as they return to the Mintlaw Community Hub and will see world-renowned independent professional wrestler Colt Cabana appear at the show. I am familiar with his work, as well as his podcast and his Edinburgh Fringe Festival show that he has done alongside comedian Brendon Burns over the years. It should be a good show and I am expecting to see the usual mixture of talent that United Pro Wrestling tends to showcase. I have recently stated that things will change upon my return to United Pro Wrestling, so expect to see some of them changes take place next week. Until then, that is the life of Smith. Good day.