Adam’s Top 5…ICW Shug’s Hoose Party Moments

Yes, there are many unforgettable moments from Shug’s Hoose Party’s short history. To put it simple, a top 10 list would be half full with moments from 2016’s event, some with not that much to write about. With that, here are my top 5 moments in the history of ICW Shug’s Hoose Party.

Honourable mentions;
Grado’s Miraculous Dive (Shug’s Hoose Party II)
Polo Promotions Return (Shug’s Hoose Party III)
Dickie Divers Loses His Square Go Briefcase (Shug’s Hoose Party II)
Tommy End’s Farewell (Shug’s Hoose Party III)

5. Wolfgang Steals The World Heavyweight Championship (Shug’s Hoose Party III)

Joe Coffey has been a mainstay in ICW for as long as I can remember, but he was never able to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. After earning the chance to face then-champion Big Damo for the gold at Shug’s Hoose Party III, Joe knew it was make or break time for him. The crowd erupted as The Iron Man was finally crowned champion, but it was a short-lived celebration as 2016 Square Go! winner Wolfgang entered and cashed in his briefcase. After Coffey kicked out of The Howling, Wolfgang resorted to using his trademark brass knuckles to snatch the gold from the hands of Joe. A disappointing end to the night for Joe Coffey.

4. DCT & Viper’s Wedding (Shug’s Hoose Party II)

Weddings in professional wrestling usually provide some unforgettable moments, with Stephanie McMahon and Test being up there. So, what’s ICW’s answer to someone’s wedding interrupted by the wife’s husband? The wife taking a piledriver on top of the cake. As The 55 stormed the ring, Bram trapped DCT’s arms in the ropes and proceeded to drop Viper headfirst on the wedding cake. The rivalry between the two would continue for one more year, with DCT finally defeating Bram inside a steel cage at the following year’s Shug’s Hoose Party.

3. The Pinky Party Unites (Shug’s Hoose Party III)

At Shug’s Hoose Party III, Red Lightning’s team of Drew Galloway, Jack Jester and Wolfgang faced Mark Dallas’ team of Grado, Noam Dar and a mystery partner with Dallas’ share of ICW on the line. Speculation grew of who the third man could possibly be, but fans knew exactly who it was when Mark and his team threw their pinkies in the air. It was none other than Red Lightning’s associate at the time Sha Samuels as he took out Red’s other allies. The Pinky Party were finally united, but only for a month as Noam Dar headed off for WWE and Alicia Faaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxxxxxx.

2. The Formation of The Black Label (Shug’s Hoose Party II)

The main event of Shug’s Hoose Party II saw Drew Galloway defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Big Damo. After the referee got knocked down, the match continued with Jack Jester and Red Lightning soon entering the ring. Despite having a long rivalry with Drew the previous year, Jack swiftly kicked Damo under the belt and allowed Drew to retain after a huge Future Shock DDT. Galloway and Jester embraced after the match, before Red Lightning leaped into their arms to signify a new force within ICW. The three would be joined by several other names during their run in an alliance known as The Black Label.

1. Drew Galloway’s Shocking Return (Shug’s Hoose Party)

After his release from WWE in June 2014, everyone wanted Drew Galloway to appear on their events. The first person Drew got in contact with was Mark Dallas. Drew wanted to return to the place he called home. After Jack Jester successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Martin Stone, The New Age Kliq stormed the ring as Chris Renfrew looked set to cash in his Square Go briefcase. Before he could however, the lights went out. When they returned, a hooded man revealed himself as Drew Galloway as the crowd went wild. Galloway and Jester cleaned house on The NAK before Galloway booted Jester in the jaw and tossed him off the stage through a table. An unforgettable moment in ICW history.

With this year’s Shug’s Hoose Party being a two-night event, I’m sure there will be plenty more moments to add to the list next time around. Tickets for night one have sold out, but there are still a handful of tickets left for night two available from