Pass Me the Book! ICW Fear & Loathing X

In just under 4 months, ICW return to the Hydro in Glasgow for Fear & Loathing X. After a monumental night at the Hydro last year, Mark Dallas will be looking to make sure this year’s card tops the previous one. With that, I’m here with a rundown of the matches I think could possibly happen at ICW’s biggest show of the year and how we get there.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Trent Seven

If you’ve had a read of my ‘Predicting the Next Five ICW World Heavyweight Champions’ post, then you’ll know what I’ve got planned for this. Joe Coffey retains against Jack Jester at Shug’s Hoose Party, and is confronted after the match by Trent Seven, the man Joe defeated for the gold at Barramania III. Trent stares down The Iron King, glances at the belt and leaves without saying a word. At the August 13th Fight Club tapings, Trent Seven faces off against Grado, eventually winning after a Seventh Heaven piledriver. Joe Coffey enters afterwards, telling Trent that he’ll never get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship as long as he’s the champ. Trent smirks, before saying he’s already spoken to Mark Dallas and they’ve made an agreement; if Trent Seven is able to defeat three opponents handpicked by Joe Coffey then he’ll get his rematch. The first challenge comes at the September 17th Fight Club tapings in Newcastle, with Trent facing Dave Mastiff. Despite a tough onslaught, Trent picks up the win. Up next is Wolfgang at the October 1st tapings, a man Trent is able to defeat in seconds with a surprise rollup. Joe Coffey beats him down after the match, saying the final challenge will be at the October 15th tapings in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match against himself, Grado and Lionheart, who’s joined RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand by this point. After Joe Coffey uses a steel chair, Trent Seven comes out victorious by disqualification meaning he’ll get his title shot at the Hydro. Joe continues battering Trent’s leg with the chair, before finally stopping his assault. He says he’ll see Trent on November 19th, if he can even make it there. At the live edition of Fight Club the night before, Trent Seven returns to cost Joe Coffey his match against Jimmy Havoc. Trent’s knee is bandaged up, but he insists the match is still going ahead.

Winner – Trent Seven after a Seven Stars lariat with help from his British Strong Styles allies Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate to run off Grado, Wolfgang and Lionheart.

WWE United Kingdom Championship – Pete Dunne (c) vs BT Gunn

If WWE can allow the United Kingdom Championship to be defended at Shug’s Hoose Party, surely they can have it be defended at ICW’s biggest show of the year. After coming up short against Pete in a Fatal Four Way Match at Shug’s Hoose Party, BT Gunn makes it his goal to get another crack at The Bruiserweight’s title. At the October 1st Fight Club tapings, Mark Dallas announces that the WWE United Kingdom Championship will once again be defended in an ICW ring at Fear & Loathing. BT Gunn marches down to the ring and demands another shot at the gold. Dallas declines his initial request, saying the challenger will be decided by an 8-man tournament starting that night. The entrants are Gunn, Lionheart, Kenny Williams, Stevie Boy, Chris Renfrew, Mark Coffey, Jackie Polo and Sha Samuels. Tournament matches are listed below;

October 1st Fight Club tapings
BT Gunn defeats Stevie Boy
Chris Renfrew defeats Mark Coffey
Jackie Polo defeats Kenny Williams
Sha Samuels defeats Lionheart

October 15th Fight Club tapings
BT Gunn defeats Chris Renfrew
Jackie Polo defeats Sha Samuels
BT Gunn defeats Jackie Polo

Winner – Pete Dunne after his Bitter End following a hellacious match.

Stairway to Heaven Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship – Zack Gibson (c) vs Kenny Williams vs Liam Thomson vs Kid Fite vs Tyler Bate vs Ravie Davie vs Aaron Echo

I loved the Stairway to Heaven Match right through till the end. The elimination-style Ladder Match was, in my opinion, a success. As a result, I would of course bring it back, preferably as an annual match of Fear & Loathing. The entrants would be the defending champion Zack Gibson, Kenny Williams, Liam Thomson, Kid Fite, Tyler Bate, Ravie Davie and Aaron Echo, with qualifying matches listed below;

September 17th Fight Club tapings
Liam Thomson defeats Krieger

October 1st Fight Club tapings
Kid Fite defeats Andy Wild

October 15th Fight Club tapings
Aaron Echo defeats Chris Ridgeway

GPWA Night at the Asylum (maybe November 3rd?)
Ravie Davie defeats Austin Osiris, Kyle Khaos, Kez Evans, Soldato, The Sam Barbour Experience, Krobar and Stevie James in a Battle Royal

November 18th Fight Club tapings
Kenny Williams defeats Lou King Sharp
Tyler Bate recieves a bye into the match

Winner – Liam Thomson with the order of elimination being Ravie Davie, Kid Fite, Tyler Bate, Aaron Echo and Kenny Williams, with Liam and Zack Gibson being the final two.

ICW Tag Team Championships – The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

At the August 13th Fight Club tapings, The Kings of Catch face and defeat CCK (please) and announce their intention of challenging for the ICW Tag Team Championships before being ambushed from behind by The Marauders. Aspen and Lewis return to ICW at the September 17th Fight Club tapings in Newcastle, defeating Pure Gangster in minutes. They repeat their intention of challenging for the tag titles, this time saying they want Bird and Boar at the Hydro. The champs enter and have a staredown with their potential Fear & Loathing challengers. Later on in October, Mark Dallas announces that it will be The Kings of Catch who challenge for the gold on ICW’s biggest show of the year. At the October 15th Fight Club tapings, Aspen faces Mike Bird in a losing effort due to a distraction from Wild Boar at ringside. Following on from this at the live November 18th Fight Club, Lewis Girvan manages to defeat Wild Boar thanks to an Aspen Faith distraction on the video screen (he’s scheduled to be at WrestleZone’s show in Arbroath on the same day, so a pre-recorded video will have to do). After the match, The Marauders attack Lewis and lay him out with Mrs Paterson’s Revenge before standing over him with their titles held high.

Winners – The Kings of Catch after a spike tombstone piledriver on Mike Bird.

Fatal Four Way Match for the ICW Women’s Championship – Kasey (c) vs Sammii Jayne vs Kay Lee Ray vs Martina

The last of the title bouts would see a Fatal Four Way Match for the Women’s Championship between champion Kasey, Sammii Jayne, Kay Lee Ray and Martina. Kasey dethrones KLR at Shug’s Hoose Party after a distraction from Mikey Whiplash on the video screens to continue the rivalry between Legion and The Filthy Generation. After Kay Lee interferes in a #1 Contenders Match between Sammii Jayne and Martina at the August 27th Fight Club tapings, she demands a rematch for the gold which she receives on October 1st. Kasey retains the gold after a distraction from Martina, payback for Kay Lee’s actions in August. Kay Lee Ray goes after Martina following the loss, but comes up short in a match between the two on October 15th thanks to a trip up at ringside by Sammii Jayne. With three potential challengers and Fear & Loathing rapidly approaching, Mark Dallas decides to have Kasey defend against all of them in a Fatal Four Way Match.

Winner – Martina with a sneaky rollup on Kasey after blinding her with some beer spit, while Kay Lee and Sammii brawl at ringside.

Elimination Match for 100% Control of ICW – RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand (Grado, Wolfgang & Lionheart) vs Team ICW (Sha Samuels, DCT and Joe Hendry)

At Shug’s Hoose Party night one, Grado and Joe Coffey come out victorious over Sha Samuels and Noam Dar after Noam turns on Sha. On night 2, Grado defeats Sha in singles action after a Styles Clash from an interfering Lionheart who becomes the newest client of Red Lightning. Should point out, Lionheart loses to Joe Hendry in their Unsanctioned Match during night one after Hendry chokes Lionheart unconscious with a camera wire. At the August 13th Fight Club tapings, Lionheart addresses his actions and says he’s always been in the wrestling business for the money. He then challenges Hendry to face him in a tag team match at the August 27th Fight Club tapings, with both men picking their partners. Joe accepts the challenge, picking Sha Samuels to reform The Local Butchers. Lionheart’s partner is revealed to be Grado, obviously. The match ends in a no contest after both teams start destroying each other with steel chairs and kendo sticks, not ending until Lionheart and Grado powerbomb Hendry through a table. Before the September 17th tapings, Red Lightning promises another client will be revealed in Newcastle. The client? One of his previous clients in The Black Label, Wolfgang. That night in Newcastle, Wolfgang defeats Ravie Davie after knocking him out with brass knuckles. At the October 1st tapings, Lionheart faces DCT and defeats him with a superkick. After the match, Red Lightning and his clients wrap DCT’s arms in the ropes before threatening Mark Dallas. Red says he wants 100% control over ICW (I know, a repeat of last year but we’re going a different way this time around). Grado delivers a Wee Boot to a helpless DCT, before Lionheart grabs a kendo stick. Mark Dallas enters with Joe Hendry and Sha Samuels, armed with kendo sticks of their own. Mark says he’ll give Red one more chance to become sole owner of ICW in a six man tag team elimination match at the Hydro, but if his team lose then Red will become the personal assistant to Dallas. Red accepts and the teams are set with Grado, Lionheart and Wolfgang representing Red Lightning and Joe Hendry, Sha Samuels and DCT representing Mark Dallas. At the October 15th Fight Club tapings, Joe Hendry defeats Wolfgang with the Hendry Lock while Sha Samuels attacks an interfering Lionheart at ringside. At the live Fight Club the night before Fear & Loathing, the two teams come face to face with Mark Dallas’ team lashing the bodies of their opponents with kendo sticks.

Winners – RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand after Lionheart performs a Styles Clash on Joe Hendry with the order of elimination being DCT, Grado, Wolfgang, Sha Samuels and finally Hendry.

Glasgow Street Fight – Jackie Polo vs Mark Coffey

With Polo Promotions set to face all three members of The Marauders at Shug’s Hoose Party, the stipulations state that if they lose, they will be forced to split up. I’d use this as the perfect opportunity to have Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey go their seperate ways because they’ve done all they can as a team in ICW. So, following the match, Jackie shockingly turns on Mark and beats him down to a pulp with a cane. At the August 13th Fight Club tapings, Jackie blames Mark for the failure of Polo Promotions leading up to the Handicap Match. At the next tapings on August 27th, Jackie and Mark face off with Mark getting himself intentionally disqualified by beating down Nature’s Gift to Wrestling in the corner. At the next tapings in Newcastle, Jackie threatens ICW management if something isn’t done regarding the reckless actions of Mark Coffey. He’s soon interrupted by security stumbling through the curtain as Mark Coffey appears, steel chair in hand. He enters the ring and swings at Polo, narrowly missing his head. Jackie says he’ll be back on October 1st with his legal team. Come that show, Mark Dallas confronts Jackie saying he can’t take legal action on ICW for the incident. Instead, Mark gives both Jackie and Mark a chance to earn a shot at the WWE United Kingdom Championship by placing them in an 8-man tournament. Jackie defeats Kenny Williams with a hold of the tights, and later costs Mark his match against Chris Renfrew. At the next set of tapings on October 15th, Mark challenges Jackie to a Glasgow Street Fight at Fear & Loathing. Polo of course declines, saying he’ll be challenging for WWE gold at the show. Jackie defeats Sha Samuels to reach the finals, but his opportunity is ripped away in the finals against BT Gunn as Coffey hits Jackie in the back with Polo’s own cane. Furious, Jackie accepts Mark’s challenge for the Hydro. Their contract signing takes place at the live Fight Club on November 18th, ending with Polo slamming Mark through the table.

Winner – Jackie Polo after hitting Mark in the head with a barbed wire cane.

Steel Cage Match – Legion (Mikey Whiplash & Chris Renfrew) vs The Bucky Boys (Davey Blaze & Stevie Boy)

The final match on the main card for this Pass Me the Book! is a Steel Cage Match between Legion and The Bucky Boys. At Shug’s Hoose Party, Kay Lee Ray loses her Women’s Title to Kasey after a distraction on the video screens from Legion’s Mikey Whiplash. Following the bout, Mikey appears on stage and essentially gives KLR the dreaded Monday death stare. At the August 27th Fight Club tapings, Stevie Boy defeats Chris Renfrew after a sickening Glasgow Destroyer before being attacked by Mikey Whiplash. Mikey appears to be away to hang Stevie over the ropes, until Davey Blaze walks through the curtain. He remains on the stage, but the distraction allows Stevie to escape. At the next tapings in Newcastle, Whiplash defeats Blaze after spraying blood in his eyes. Following the match, Chris Renfrew enters with a steel chair coated in thumbtacks. Before he can use it, Stevie Boy runs out to chase him off. At the October 1st Fight Club tapings, Stevie defeats Christopher Saynt and afterwards issues a challenge for a Steel Cage Match at Fear & Loathing between The Bucky Boys and Legion. Without giving an answer, Mikey Whiplash enters and gives Stevie a menacing look and simply leaves. At the next tapings on October 15th, Whiplash and Renfrew dismantle Pure Gangster before Mikey accepts The Bucky Boys’ challenge. At the live Fight Club on November 18th, Chris Renfrew defeats Davey Blaze after hitting him with his now trademark thumbtack chair. Mikey Whiplash drags out a beaten and bloodied Stevie Boy, putting him on display as a final warning before the Cage Match.

Winners – The Bucky Boys after a top rope Glasgow Destroyer on Whiplash after Davey lays Renfrew out with his thumbtack chair.

Pre-Show: Catch of the Day Challenge – Iestyn Rees vs Lou King Sharp

Finally on the pre-show (which I think there should be), I would have Iestyn Rees’ Catch of the Day Challenge. Answering the call on the biggest stage of the ICW calendar is Lou King Sharp. Lou manages to put up a bit of a fight, but of course is unable to defeat The Alpha Male.

Winner – Iestyn Rees after his Alpha Wave spear and finishes him off with a modified Jackhammer.

And that is how I would book ICW Fear & Loathing X. Some of the things will likely not even be possible depending on what happens this weekend, but we’ll just have to wait and see!