SWE Uprising 29/07/17 Results

Ardler Complex, Dundee

Four Way – Nathan Reynolds defeated Spike Tierney, Ryan Severn and KJ Nitro by Pinfall.

Felix Fortune defeated The Riot Chris James by Disqualification.

General Manager Grue came out and fired Mercubee from gWo and SWE. He then brought out Miss Demeanour as the newest member of the gWo. Grue then told Edith Summer she will face him and Miss Demeanour in a intergender tag team match at Hell for Lycra if she couldn’t find a partner to team with it will be a handicap match.

Darren Blair defeated Alex Webb by Pinfall.

SWE Future Division Championship – Ian Ambrose defeated The Jackal by Pinfall to retain the SWE Future Division Championship.

Before the match, Euan G Mackie stated he buried the title and is refusing to defend it unless SWE can find it using a treasure map, General Manager Grue came out and stated if Mr Mackie did not have the title by Hellbound he will strip him of the title. However, the triple threat would still happen as scheduled and next month will happen again for the title.

Triple Threat – JD Wilde defeated Steven ‘Air’ Myles and Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.

Heel Reel with Bravehart, Bravhart entered to make his decision. He talked about his family and his 24 years wrestling. Grue entered and told Bravehart to speed it up. Bravehart says hell no, Grue put him in a match against gWo member Jace Jackson.

Bravehart defeated Jace Jackson by Disqualification.

After a big brawl with SWE roster and gWo, Bravehart announced he will be Edith’s tag team partner at Hell for Lycra.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment