ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 4 Night One Review by Adam Morrison

The biggest weekend of the summer was finally upon us, as ICW returned to Glasgow’s O2 ABC for Shug’s Hoose Party 4. Night 1 saw match of the year contenders, huge announcements and the return of an ICW original.

As the show kicked off, Billy Kirkwood and William Grange hyped up the main matches before handing it down to Simon Cassidy. Before Simon could say a word, he was interrupted by Red Lightning and Grado (who has a fantastic theme, I owe my life to anyone who can provide a link). Red announced that due to other contractual obligations, Grado would not be able to compete in the evening’s main event. Continuing, the CEO of RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand announced that ICW management wanted to add a stipulation to the match between Grado and Sha Samuels on night 2 by making it a Loser Leaves ICW Match. As Sha entered, Red Lightning revealed that he had agreed to the terms and was willing to risk a client. Grado headed backstage, as Sha Samuels was ambushed from behind by Bram. The King of All Evil was then revealed as Red Lightning’s newest client and Grado’s replacement for the main event tag team match.

Dog Collar Match
Mikey Whiplash def. Stevie Boy by Pinfall

The first match of the night saw a Dog Collar Match between Mikey Whiplash and Stevie Boy. Right off the bat, both Mikey and Stevie tried to use the steel chain to their advantage. The Icon Killer connected with a huge superplex to Whiplash, before The Necromancer was able to fight back. Stevie came back into it later on, attempting to hang Mikey over the ropes. Stevie soon took off his dog collar and put it around the ring post, keeping Whiplash within a certain part of the ring. Mikey eventually fought out of it as he blasted Stevie across the jaw with the chain. With Stevie in the opposing corner, Mikey ran towards him but was dragged down with the dog collar still connected to the ring post. After finally freeing himself, Mikey knocked Stevie to the ground and wrapped the chain around himself as he performed a huge splash off the ropes for a two count. With Stevie again having a dog collar around his throat, he set Mikey up for a potential Glasgow Destroyer attempt, but Whiplash retaliated with three consecutive powerbombs and finally a Zombie Maker death valley driver for the win.

After the match, Mikey Whiplash revealed he had a present for Stevie Boy as several men wearing Legion masks carried a coffin to the stage. Kay Lee Ray emerged from backstage to protect her boyfriend but she was dragged away. With Stevie still connected to the dog collar, Whiplash dragged him up the ramp. As he opened the coffin, someone wearing a Legion mask stepped out, revealing himself as the returning Jimmy Havoc! Jimmy battered Mikey in and around the ring, before grabbing a microphone. He complained about Mikey and Stevie battling to determine who’s the more vicious competitor, saying he won this year’s Tournament of Death over in CZW. Havoc laid out a challenge for a Deathmatch at Fear & Loathing between him, Whiplash, Stevie and Chris Renfrew. Renfrew entered looking for a fight, with Jimmy taunting him for being under the power of Whiplash. Mikey ordered Renfrew backstage, as Jimmy offered his hand to Stevie only to nail him with an Acid Rainmaker. A huge challenge set out for The Hydro.

Before we got into the next match, Simon Cassidy introduced ICW owner and founder Mark Dallas. Dallas said that with the fans maybe being disappointed about the actions of Grado earlier on, he had an announcement to make about Fear & Loathing. This announcement was not the one scheduled for night 2, with that one still to come. Sweeney, Chris Toal and Scott Reid insisted Dallas was making it up and asked him to phone the person. Dallas however couldn’t remember the number, until he said it; 619. A video played on the screens to confirm former WWE and WCW star Rey Mysterio would be in action on November 19th at Fear & Loathing X!

Kid Fite w/Lou King Sharp & Krieger def. Bull James by Pinfall

The originally scheduled tag team match between the reigning PBW Tag Team Champions Lou King Sharp & Krieger and Bull James & Liam Thomson had to be changed due to an injury suffered by Liam, so the former NXT star would instead face Kid Fite with the PBW tag champs at ringside. The much larger James used his weight to his advantage, sending Fite flying from a simple shoulder block. With LKS and Krieger constantly distracting Bull, the leader of the BullFit movement finally had enough and launched Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler from the apron in to the crowd. After Fite was able to knock Bull off his feet, he couldn’t roll him over for the pinfall after several attempts. Lou King Sharp was the next to try, and instead ended up rolling over James. Eventually, Krieger rolled Bull over with ease and Lou got a two count despite not being in the match. With Fite and his allies distracted by what Sharp did, Bull James recovered and sent Krieger packing. The much smaller Lou attempted a spear, with James not even budging. This distracted him however, allowing Fite to roll him up from behind for the shock win. As Fite headed back through the curtain, Bull James was met with ‘please come back’ chants. Wouldn’t be surprised if that became the case with the showing he put in.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kasey def. Kay Lee Ray (c) by Pinfall

Up next was the Women’s Championship match between champion Kay Lee Ray and challenger Kasey. Before the bell could ring, KLR got on the mic and started berating Kasey. After the reigning champ said the best part about Kasey’s career was when her sister Leah walked out the door, Kasey fired back with a huge forearm. After connecting with a shining wizard, the Dirty Bomb (a Gory Bomb, believe that’s what Billy Kirkwood said on commentary) and a second shining wizard, we had a new ICW Women’s Champion after just 42 seconds of action! The fans couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed.

Super Crazy def. Jody Fleisch by Pinfall

The fourth bout of the night saw a high-flying exchange as British wrestling legend Jody Fleisch faced former ECW World Television Champion, Super Crazy. Despite Crazy being in his forties, he can still fly like the best of them. The two brawled out to the crowd, where Crazy dove off a barrier with a huge moonsault plancha. As the action returned to the ring, the two showed off their acrobatic abilities before they again spilled out to ringside where The Phoenix dove off the top rope onto Crazy with a moonsault of his own. Returning to the ring, a steel chair was introduced where Crazy dropped Flesich face-first onto it followed by dropkicking it into his face. Crazy remained in control and went up top for his finishing moonsault but Fleisch rolled away at the last second. With Jody seemingly back in control, Super Crazy surprised him with a victory roll to pick up the three count. Fleisch looked shock, with Crazy playing possum to get the win.

Unsanctioned Match
Joe Hendry def. Lionheart by TKO

Up next was the first-half main event, as bitter rivals Joe Hendry and Lionheart faced off in an Unsanctioned Match. The two got straight into it, with Hendry using his amateur wrestling skills to his full advantage. The two brawled up through the crowd before The Dugfather tossed The Local Hero over a barrier and down to the hard floor. With the two returning to the ring, they continued to go back and forth with Lionheart being cut open at one point, before he introduced a table and headed up top with Hendry. As he attempted to connect with a superplex, Hendry countered with a huge Freak of Nature off the ropes to send Lionheart through the wood. As Lionheart tried to recover, Hendry locked him in a rear naked choke with referee Sean McLaughlin declaring Lionheart unable to continue.

Joe Hendry got on the mic after the match as blood dripped from Lionheart’s head. Hendry said they wouldn’t be friends again for a long time but was willing to put all this behind him. Joe offered his hand to Lionheart, who accepted before laying Hendry out with The Elite. In a shock move, the fans started chanting ‘Lionheart is a Hero’ and ‘Joe Hendry is a Fanny’. Hendry was getting Roman Reigns levels of heat on this night.

Ladder Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship
Kenny Williams def. Zack Gibson (c)

As we came back from the interval, it was time for ‘Liverpool’s No.1’ Zack Gibson to put his Zero-G Championship up for grabs (literally) against former champ Kenny Williams in a Ladder Match. Each man used the ladders at ringside to their advantage, with Gibson focusing his assault on Kenny’s arm in preparation for his Shankly Gates submission. Kenny took some dangerous bumps throughout the match, putting his body on the line in an attempt to make history and become the first three-time Zero-G Champion in ICW history. Eventually, Williams knocked Gibson off a ladder before unhooking the title to become the new champion, making history in the process.

Referee vs Wrestler
Dickie Divers def. Thomas Kearins by Pinfall

Up next was the highly-anticipated Referee vs Wrestler bout between Dickie Divers and ‘The Vigilante Ref’ Thomas Kearins. After Divers made his way to ringside, Kearins’ music played as he appeared on the top rope behind Dickie. As he went to dive off, he slipped and fell flat on his face. This match was primarily Divers beating the living daylights out of ICW’s senior official. In what was an obviously short match, Divers picked up the win following a brutal northern lights driver after countering Thomas’ DDT, the move that started this whole rivalry.

After the match, Divers looked set to inflict more punishment to the helpless referee before Dirk McIntosh appeared onstage to distract him. This allowed Kearins to drop Dickie with another DDT to add further humiliation to the former Square Go! winner.

Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship
Pete Dunne (c) def. Wolfgang, BT Gunn and Trent Seven by Pinfall

The penultimate match of the night saw the history-making match as a WWE title was defended for the first time on a non-WWE event with Pete Dunne defending his United Kingdom Championship against Wolfgang, BT Gunn and his British Strong Style ally Trent Seven. Before the match, Pete and Trent did the Triple H water spit on the apron before Wolfgang and Gunn attacked them from behind. Each man got to show what they bring to the table, with the match eventually descending into chaos. Towards the end, Trent performed an impressive double half-nelson suplex on both Wolfgang and BT at the same time. Trent followed by dropping Wolfgang on his head with the Seventh Heaven piledriver off the ropes, the same move he used to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from The Regulator at the Square Go! in February but it wasn’t enough this time around. In the end, it came down to Gunn and Dunne after BT disposed of Wolfgang and Seven with a double Gunnshot. The Bruiserweight dropped The Oddity on his face with the Bitter End to retain his title in an amazing match.

The crowd gave them a fantastic response after the match before the four competitors all did the Triple H water spit to show their admiration for each other.

Special Guest Commentator: Red Lightning
The Pinky Party (Noam Dar & Sha Samuels) def. RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand (Joe Coffey & Bram) by Pinfall

Finally, it was time for the moment that everyone was waiting for as Sha Samuels entered for the main event. Noam Dar’s WWE theme played as monkeys (The Darctic Monkeys as he’s called them) entered down. His WWE music faded out as ‘Fair City Riots’ blared over the PA system. The Champagne Supernova entered to quite possibly the pop of the year (in my top three, alongside The Hardys’ return at WrestleMania and The South Pacific Power Couple’s return to PROGRESS this past Sunday). Red Lightning’s men entered, with Joe Coffey and Bram isolating Sha in their corner. When Noam was finally tagged in, he entered like a ball of energy and took down both The Iron King and The King of All Evil. The match ended up in the stands of the crowd before returning to ringside where referee Sean McLaughlin was knocked down. Joe Coffey tapped out to Noam’s Champagne Superkneebar but with no referee, the match continued. Referee Stevie Hughes attempted to enter the ring to take over but was dismantled by Red’s clients. As Coffey looked to use a steel chair, his opponent for night two Jack Jester entered and the two brawled to the backstage area. Back in the ring, it looked like Noam Dar was selling out for the money as Red Lightning handed him a steel chair. But in a shock for the CEO of RUDO, Noam attacked Bram with the chair before connecting with his running enzuigiri finisher for the win.

As The Pinky Party celebrated their win, Noam cut a heartfelt promo about how good it felt to back home before the show faded to black.

So, it’s safe to say night one of Shug’s Hoose Party 4 was a hectic night. New champions were crowned, announcements were made and rivalries were settled. What would night two bring for ICW fans?

Quick Results
Dog Collar Match – Mikey Whiplash def. Stevie Boy by Pinfall
Kid Fite w/Lou King Sharp & Krieger def. Bull James by Pinfall
ICW Women’s Championship – Kasey def. Kay Lee Ray (c) by Pinfall
Super Crazy def. Jody Fleisch by Pinfall
Unsanctioned Match – Joe Hendry def. Lionheart by TKO
Ladder Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship – Kenny Williams def. Zack Gibson (c)
Referee vs Wrestler – Dickie Divers def. Thomas Kearins by Pinfall
Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship – Pete Dunne (c) def. Wolfgang, Trent Seven and BT Gunn by Pinfall
The Pinky Party def. RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand by Pinfall