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Day One

So Grado and Red Lightning kicked off Day one of Shugs Hoose party and they had an announcement for everyone. Grado unfortunately would not be able to appear on this show due another contractual appearance Grado had in the city. Now if this was just a storyline I didn’t get the pay off to it, but if it’s legit then that’s kind of unprofessional of Grado considering how long this show had been booked for. Then we found out who would be replacing Grado in the tag match and it was Bram who hit the ring and attacked Sha Samuels. While I think Bram is great, I was a little disappointed that Grado was not in the main event and as Grado left he took most of the heat from this match with him killing any interest I had in the main event.

Dog Collar Match
Mikey Whiplash…

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