SWE Summary with Justin Crow | Uprising July 2017

The Highway to Hell for Lycra is coming to a close, our destination is almost in sight and this past Saturday, the penultimate event before the 14th annual extravaganza, saw shocks, turns and shocking turns.

We started the night with fatal four way action as Spike Tierney, Ryan Severn, KJ Nitro and Nathan Reynolds went all out looking to, not only secure their place at The Caird Hall, but their teams place as well. Last week, these four men, and their respective partners, were among the final participants in that strange random Battle Royale and this time out they were looking to prove and state what wasn’t said previously. At the top of the match, Reynolds and Tierney smelt something fishy having two gWo members opposite them and their suspicions weren’t unfounded. The two did seem to work together until it came to getting a decision and then the old adage was proven, it really is every man for themselves in this type of match. The three smaller statured men did try to keep the action fast paced and in their territory, but in the end, power personified himself, Reynolds, may have broken a sweat, but a powerful and strong message was sent throughout the tag team division. Nathan Reynolds picks up the win and you can bet Hell For Lycra XIV will be taken to the Deadcell!

Next up, Mr Fast Track himself, Felix Fortune took on The Riot Chris James. James picked up his first win since January last week and he came into Uprising full of steam. His patience and control had paid off, learning from each of those loses and getting the win he was long overdue and wanted to build on that and build some momentum heading towards The Caird Hall. However, in his way was a man whom in five outings this year is 4-1 in wins, including defeating Grado in January and picking up the Fast Track Briefcase in February. Could Fortune have taken James for granted perhaps? For no matter what Fortune threw and dished out, James would not stay down. Last weeks win had lit a new flame in James’ heart and although a beating was dished, he almost seemed to thrive on it. As the match came to the outside and in front of Chaz Phoenix and myself at the commentary desk, Fortune had to dig to desperate measures and grabbed James’ crowbar for added offence. With the referees back turned, Fortune actually struck the referee across the back and then threw the crowbar to James, just in time for the ref to turn around and see the “culprit” red handed. Some would call it cowardly, others tactical but it’s another win for Fortune in the record books as we head towards Hell For Lycra!

Following a message from the gWo, in which it was announced that Miss Demeanour had joined gWo (and hence her disappearance from the corner of EG Mackie last week) and that Grue would team with her against Edith Summers and a partner of her choice at Hell For Lycra, we had a brutal Future Division Championship match. The champion, Ian Ambrose, would defend against The Jackal. Two men with a long history in SWE, years of service and experience behind each of them, and yet this was their first ever encounter at not only Uprising, but at the Ardler Complex. In fact, this was only their third match against each other…EVER! The previous two encounters had been at this years Too Hot For PG events and things certainly got hot in this match. Brutal forearms, kicks, punches from both men. The Championship was on the line and I know “Strong Style” has gotten more popular in recent years, but this was an all out fight! In the end, Ambrose picked up the three count but both men were baring scars and bruises come the end of then night. I think its safe to say we haven’t seen the last of this story but, with Ambrose’s knee taking the worst of the offence over their three encounters, I ask how much more both bodies can take in the pursuit, and defence, of the Future Division Championship!

Next up, Darren Blair took on Alex Webb. With Webb and Leon picking up the win over Blair and Nitro at last months Uprising, Blair was out to bring the relative newcomer down a peg or two. He took care of Leon last week at Kirkton, outsmarting the man of glam, and this time around was looking to sort out his partner. Webb is no doubt a technically sound in ring performer, obviously taking in everything that was ever said to him at the SWE training school and his previous outings had certainly filled him with confidence. However, this came across as arrogant and even cockiness which angered Blair, who let Webb run himself down and struck when the opportunity was right, picking up a win and a statement for gWo!

The advertised match of the night was next as EG Mackie defended the SWE Heavyweight Championship against Steven “Air” Myles and JD Wilde in triple threat action. Or at least he was supposed to, but Miss Demeanour wasn’t the only thing missing from Mackie’s side that night, the Championship belt was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Mackie produced a treasure map and declared if it was wanted, to go get it. SWE GM Grue came out and demanded Mackie show up at Hellbound with the title belt, or he would be stripped of said championship. Grue declared the match as arranged would be postponed until Hellbound but a non-title version of the match would go ahead there and then, a preview so to speak. This was a match for the ages, Mackie and Myles on a bit of a roll since last years Lycra and JD Wilde looking make a statement. Wilde had faced Mackie earlier this year in a multi-man situation and used that experience. Both challengers rested when needed, the action kept fast paced and high flying against the champion but in the end, JD Wilde picked up the win. Had Mackie not hidden the title belt, we would have a new Heavyweight Champion, can Wilde repeat his success next month or will Myles learn from this experience and put it to use? Time will tell, but Zack Sabre Jr waits the victor come Hell for Lycra XIV.

So came the Heel Reel, and the answer we were all waiting on, will Bravehart leave SWE once and for all and leave it to Grue and the gWo, or will he stay and force Grue’s threat of destruction from within. It was a difficult decision for Bravehart, his family at ringside looking on and the fans making their opinion clear that he should stay. in the end, weighing up past injuries, time that he has lost from family and just all around health and well being, he decided…his heart was still within the squared circle and he was staying right where he is to fight for the company he built. The gWo came out, but Bravehart was full of steam and Grue was wary but he was prepared, welcoming Bravehart back to the active roster of SWE. His first match back was against Jace Jackson.

The match got under way, the gWo still at ringside and Bravehart was looking good but when he tried to lock in the sharpshooter, the dogs struck and pandemonium broke out. The ref threw out the match but the gWo didn’t care, outnumbering the veteran as Grue stood with a smile on his face. Chris James came to the aid of Bravehart but still the numbers was outbalanced, that was until the locker room cleared, including Edith Summers, coming to get some of Miss Demanour (I’m guessing someone had called her to come following Grue’s earlier announcement). Grue looked around, looking for inspiration and then realised, as Chaz and I had realised, KJ Nitro wasn’t out here! The man who wore the gWo colours but not their mindset and attitude hadn’t come out to make Bravehart’s life hell. Grue got him out and following a verbal from his gWo brethren, charged the ring but turned, discarding the black and white and publically embarrassing Grue, he stood tall with the SWE strong in the ring. The standoff was clear, the gWo was together on the outside but SWE stood above them in the ring, finally fighting back. The night ended with Bravehart announcing he would be Edith Summers partner come Lycra and with the crowd chanting S W E it is clear to see that the gWo is losing its grip on Scotland’s longest running promotion.

What a night it was! SWE is next in action on August 26th for UPRISING: HELLBOUND, The final stop on the Highway to Hell For Lycra XIV where, not only will Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana be in action, but the rescheduled Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat will happen. Just two weeks prior to Hell For Lycra XIV, its the last chance for statements to be made and places earned going into The Caird Hall, anything can and more than likely will happen so make sure you are there!

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– Justin Crow

PS: As you know, We film Uprising events inorder to upload them to our YouTube channel – SWEOnlineTV. However, with only two weeks between Hellbound and Hell For Lycra, there is no guarantee we will be able to get the footage up in time. So the only guarantee of being 100% clued in as we head towards the Caird Hall is to be at The Ardler Complex on August 26th. See you there!