SWE Summary with Justin Crow | Hell for Lycra XIV | The Line Up So Far

For the third year in a row, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment brings professional wrestling to its historic Scottish home for the 14th SWE Annual Event, Hell for Lycra. Saturday, September 9th 2017, The Caird Hall in Dundee will be home to an event that will see the very “Best of British” from today, yesterday and the stars of tomorrow, SWE Hell for Lycra XIV.

As what has become a tradition, this event will be an all day experience. Starting at 2pm when fans can meet and greet the newest members of the SWE alumni who will be joining us for the event…

ZACK SABRE JR: For the legacy this young man has, its hard to believe he is only 30 years old. Born and raised in Kent, and trained by the NWA-UK Hammerlock School, this man has trained with the best and worked with the best, since his debut in 2004. Semi Finalist of the recent WWE Cruiserweight Classic series, he is still a regular with the UKs Progress and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotions, and Japan’s NJPW. Current Rev Pro British Heavyweight Champion and Current Evolve Champion, could we see a return to “Zacky 3 Belts” after his SWE Debut. At 6 foot and 187lbs they call him “The British Master”, “The Technical Wizard”, but will we call him SWE Heavyweight Champion after September 9th.

SAM GRADWELL: Trying to find words to summarise Gradwell has left me speechless, but my research into him has proven one thing, this man is a grafter! Debuting in 2009, this 6’1” – 212lbs Blackpool native isn’t one to back down from a fight. Also performing under the name Ricky J McKenzie, Gradwell has put his head down and worked every opportunity he had, crafting his art so well, it earned him a spot in this years WWE UK Championship Tournament where he defeated fellow Lycra guest Saxen Huxley in the first round. I think WWE.com said it best with “Something about Sam Gradwell’s ever-present scowl and antagonistic stare tells even the unacquainted that he’s the last man on Earth you’d want to fight” and “His idea of amusement is instilling a sense of fear and helplessness in opponents — a “dose of reality,” as he terms it…Gradwell’s goals remain twofold: Cause hardship for his competition and get paid handsomely to do so.” Definitely not a man you want to mess with come September 9th.

SAXON HUXLEY: A man who can count fellow SWE alumni Marty Jones among his trainers, The 6’3” – 230lbs “Musclecat” has wrestled in the UK, US and Canada since debuting in 2010. The Hartlepool resident may have lost to Sam Gradwell in that WWE UK Tournament, but he would’ve chalked that up to a learning point on his path to success. As WWE.com said, “The Hartlepool, England native meditates twice each day to stay focused. That mental preparation helps him submit his opponents with a combination of a Canadian Back Cracker into a Boston Crab, called Shattered Illusions. It’s a fitting name, considering it’s exactly what’s in store for any competitor forced to line up across from Huxley.”

JAMES DRAKE: Another Blackpool native joining the SWE alumni, Drake is 5’11” and 181lbs of lean, mean aggression. Debuting in 2010, I couldn’t find much of a track record before his WWE UK Tournament debut. However, WWE.com summed him up brilliantly, “The competitor from Blackpool, England, is known for his aggressive style — developed at age 19 after he refused to get knocked around the ring anymore — and he caps his beatdowns with a punishing sit-out DDT he calls “Mr. Mayhem.”…Anyone who sleeps on Drake might just end up staying that way following an unwelcome introduction to Mr. Mayhem.”

JEANIE “LADY BLOSSOM” CLARKE: For almost 20 years, this Essex born babe was one of the hottest valets and managers in the business. Older fans will remember her time with Joint Promotions (the trading name of the British TV World of Sport wrestling in the 70s and 80s) managing Chris Adams. Moving to USA in the 80s, she would work the USWA and WCW promotions in the late 80s and early 90s managing her future husband “Stunning” Steve Austin before retiring from the business. She would still have an influence on the business however, as she would be credited with assisting Steve in creating the “Stone Cold” persona he would use to change the face of professional wrestling in the mid to late 90s.

…Then the fun begins from 6:15pm, when the doors open and fans are greeted to their seats. The past two years has seen Dundee Rockers Emerald Sunday rock the buildings foundations and get the crowd pumped for a night of awesome action, will they make it a third consecutive year? The action then gets underway from 7pm and the matches announced so far are…


The international star has held championships all over the world, But on September 9th, he challenges for biggest title in SWE, but who will he be facing? The current champion, The Very Good EG Mackie, defends the title against Steven “Air” Myles and JD Wilde on Saturday August 26th. Will he still be champ going towards the Caird Hall, or will an new champion have a huge challenger come the annual extravaganza.


The former General Manager of the company, Bravehart, stepped away from the role back in November and left Grue as his replacement, but just months later, the power had gone to his head and SWE hasn’t been the same since. Grue formed a faction of fresh talent from the SWE training school called the Grue World Order (gWo) who have run rough shot over SWE since. A large target of their bullying ways was referee Edith Summers, whom stood up and wouldn’t let Grue’s intimidating ways influence her creditability in the ring. Like any bully, Grue didn’t like being stood up to and made her life hell, finally forcing her to quit. But even that wasn’t enough for him and teased her with her dream, in ring competition. With a chance to finally get a blow or two in to the nasty Grue, Edith accepted. The newest member of the gWo and former associate of EG Mackie, Miss Demeanour, will be Grue’s partner. But, having returned earlier this year to host his Heel Reel segments, Bravehart became a target of Grues’ as well in recent months, unhappy that the former GM hadn’t really retired as he said he would. Grue forced a decision from the veteran and when Bravehart again stood up, Grue reinstated him to the active roster. Big mistake, as he is now Summers partner, and judging by the actions of Uprising on July 29th, leading the charge as SWE fights back against the Grue World Order.

****More matches to be announced****

Although nothing has been announced yet, previous years have seen fans giving the opportunity to mingle with the SWE personalities after the event as the company invades a local night spot to party into the wee hours, and fans are invited as part of their ticket price. It truly is an all day event and the extravaganza of the year, so get your tickets now.

Ringside seats £20*, High General £15 / £10 (under 14s)*, Low General £12/£10 (Under 14s)*, Venue secure parking £4*

*Booking fees / Transaction fees may apply

Tickets available now at www.dundeebox.co.uk / 01382 434940

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