Wrestler Spotlight: Johnny Moss

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at “The Vigilante” Johnny Moss, who is set to debut for W3L at an upcoming event.

photo credit David J WIlson

Alias – Johnny/Jonny Moss
Nicknames – “The Vigilante”
Companies Wrestled For – National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Independent Wrestling Federation, Main Event Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, One Pro Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, WILD Promotions, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Premier British Wrestling, Athletik Club Wrestling, Grand Pro Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Crazy Wrestling Club, New Wrestling Entertainment, World Stars of Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Real Deal Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, American Wrestling Rampage, Insane Championship Wrestling, Be. Catch Company, All Star Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, North East Wrestling Society, Pro Wrestling Showdown, Force One Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Italian Championship Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Qatar Pro Wrestling, Target Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, European Wrestling Association, German Wrestling Promotion, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, Power of Wrestling, Absolute Wrestling, World of Sport Wrestling, Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Italian Wrestling Superstar and CHIKARA
Titles & Accomplishments
6x NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Champion
1x NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion
1x All England Champion
1x 1PW Openweight Champion
1x TopCatch Europameisterschaft Champion
1x and first ever WCPW Tag Team Champion w/Liam Slater
1x WSW European Champion
1x QPW King of Ladders Champion
1x POW Intercontinental Champion
2011 Andre Baker Memorial Cup Winner
Signature Moves – Fisherman’s Buster, Assisted Diving Headbutt w/Liam Slater, Powerbomb/Diving Crossbody Combo w/Liam Slater
Alliances – The Reign of Terror w/Jon Ryan, House Revival w/Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm, w/Liam Slater, w/Dave Mastiff & Sha Samuels
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