Predicting the Next Five WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champions

After being crowned the first ever Tri-Counties Champion at Aberdeen Anarchy, Aspen Faith has proven why he’s a deserving champion. Although I don’t want his reign to be ending anytime soon, I’m here to take a look at five men who I think will go on to win that title.

1. Zach Dynamite
When: Christmas Chaos 2017
How: During the Ladder Match at Aberdeen Anarchy to crown the first Tri-Counties Champion, Zach Dynamite was inches away from taking down the gold only to have his fingers snapped by Aspen Faith. At Battle of the Nations on September 9th, I’d have Aspen defend against Bryan Tucker with Zach facing Andy Wild in a #1 Contenders Match. Aspen retains over Tucker thanks to the interference of Sammii Jayne, while Zach drills his knee into the head of Andy not once, but twice to earn a future shot at the gold. The title match is signed for Halloween Hijinx on October 28th, with The King of Catch retaining after an eye poke and Tombstone Piledriver. Furious at how Aspen cheated to retain, Zach demands another title match from WrestleZone management. Chris McDonald is happy to give Dynamite another title shot seeing as how the match ended, but he adds that if Zach loses then he won’t get another shot for as long as Aspen is champion. The match takes place at Christmas Chaos, with Zach Dynamite finally winning gold after his trademark flying knee strike.

2. Kaden Garrick
When: Regal Rumble 2018
How: So, where is Kaden Garrick? Who knows, but I would have him return to WrestleZone at Summerhill Showdown 2018 and spear Dynamite out of his boots after a successful title defence against Lou King Sharp. After defeating Cysto in his return match in Montrose (essentially a squash match), a video goes up where Kaden explains how he’s been away for so long but now he’s after that Tri-Counties Championship. After Dynamite retains over Lord Mr Malice in Peterhead (hopefully the rumours about him not coming back following last night’s show in Laurencekirk are false), Kaden again tries to blindside the champion but Zach fights him off and says if he wants the belt then he can come and get it. A title match is made official for the 2018 Regal Rumble. Kaden goes on to defeat Zach following two spears, the second catching Dynamite as he comes off the ropes, to become the third Tri-Counties Champion in history.

3. Mr P
When: Aberdeen Anarchy 2018
How: With his former tag team partner as the Tri-Counties Champion, Mr P is the first to challenge Kaden Garrick in Fraserburgh but comes up short as Kaden uses a handful of tights. With Kaden constantly using cheap tactics to hold on to his belt, WrestleZone management decide to have Kaden put the belt on the line against Mr P in a Ladder Match at the 2018 Aberdeen Anarchy event. In a match that sees Axe Kicks onto ladders and spears off ladders, Mr P unhooks the belt to become the new WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion.

4. Nathan North
When: Summerhill Showdown 2019
How: By this point, ‘Vintage’ Nathan North will be two years into his career and eyeing up some championship gold. After picking up a big win over Johnny Lions in Balmedie, The Vintage One starts petitioning for a title opportunity against Mr P. Chris McDonald decides to grant Nathan North a title shot at the 2019 Summerhill Showdown after being impressed following his other big win over former Undisputed Champion Bryan Tucker. In a huge shock, Nathan North picks up the win after telling Mr P to Follow the North Star (appears to be some sort of fireman’s carry move, I’ll go with a samoan driver) to earn the right to call himself a vintage champion.

5. Lewis Girvan
When: Battle of the Nations 2019
How: Lewis Girvan returns to WrestleZone at Aberdeen Anarchy 2019, defeating Bingo Ballance in the opening match. Just because it would be a nice match to see. The Best Young Wrestler in the World eventually earns a shot at the Tri-Counties Championship by defeating Bryan Tucker and Alan Sterling in a Triple Threat Match in Ellon, with his title opportunity coming at Battle of the Nations 2019. In a relatively technical match, Girvan becomes the new Tri-Counties Champion thanks to his Peacemaker submission hold.

With new names such as Aaron Echo and Krieger coming to WrestleZone, it’s possible they could be in for a run with the gold. Who do you think will be a future Tri-Counties Champion?