The Life of Smith: Fifers, Ladders and Belinda Busters

Reckless Intent’s biggest show of the year is Cruel Summer, which takes place every August at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston. This year’s show promised to be a good one, with three championship matches, a grudge match between two fan favourites and much more to boot. As I write this now, I can wholeheartedly say that this year’s Cruel Summer lived up to the promise. The crowd was the loudest I have ever heard at the Murieston Scout Hall and the show featured a show-stealing ladder match for the Slam Championship, which featured my fellow #PaulTraceyGuy and former champion David Devlin, Reckless Intent mainstay Michael Chase and the current champion Dickie Divers.

photo credit David J Wilson

I was in mixed tag team action at this show, with me teaming with the debuting Sara Marie Taylor. I was proud to declare that Sara is a #PaulTraceyGirl and that we were representing his lordship and The Kingdom of Fife against The Headbanders combination of Rob Mills and WWE Mae Young Classic competitor ‘The Amazon’ Ayesha Raymond. I managed to pick up a win against them before in tag team action, and I was looking to do so again.

In the early stages of the match, Rob’s finesse and The Amazon’s power helped them gain the upper hand. There was also Jackie Grady at ringside, cheering his fellow Headbanders on. David Devlin had just battled in a gruelling ladder match and his lordship refused to attend this show after we were on the losing end of last month’s 6-man tag, so Sara and I did not have the privilege of cheerleader/managerial/enforcer company. However, the old art of bending the rules (because we can!) worked well for us and we were able to pick apart Rob during the match.

photo credit David J Wilson

I decided to go high risk in attempting a Superplex, a move that is not often associated with yours truly and one that Rob was able to counter after knocking me off the ropes and nailing me with a flying dropkick. This helped him tag in The Amazon, who cleared house and The Headbanders picked up the win after walloping yours truly with a Belinda Buster. I was disappointed with the result, but I can assure you people reading this, as well as Reckless Intent management, its fans and its wrestlers that I will have my revenge.

The next Reckless Intent show will be taking place on Saturday 19th August at the Twechar Healthy Living Centre in Twechar. The bill for this show is already taking shape, with announced matches including Delsin Dayre taking on ROH star Colt Cabana and Michael Chase going one-on-one with his lordship, The Lord of the Manor Paul Tracey (in a contest where myself and the rest of his lordships comrades are banned from ringside?!?). Reckless Intent will also be returning to the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston on Saturday 9th September, which will see the return of Grado to Reckless Intent. Tickets for both of these shows are available from Until then though, that is the Life of Smith. Good day.