Predicting the Next Five Undisputed WrestleZone Champions

undisputed champion

With Shawn Johnson capturing the Undisputed Championship from Scotty Swift at Aberdeen Anarchy last month, it looks like he could be in for a long reign, especially with the rest of Sterling Oil having his back. With that, who could possibly go on to take the gold from Sterling Oil’s golden boy?

1. Damien
When: Aberdeen Anarchy 2018
How: It’s safe to say Damien has been on a bit of a losing streak as of late, recently losing out to the likes of Johnny Lions, The Rejected and Bradley Evans. Because of this, Damien’s Sterling Oil ally Shawn Johnson has sort of turned his back on The Revolutionary. As a result, this makes Damien a sure-fire candidate to take the Undisputed Champion from around his waist. Throughout the remainder of 2017, Damien loses to other members of the WrestleZone roster including the likes of Mr P, Scotty Swift and Blue Thunder. At Christmas Chaos on December 2nd, Damien loses to Bryan Tucker in a Tri-Counties Championship #1 Contenders Match while Shawn defeats Scotty Swift to retain his Undisputed Championship after a distraction at ringside from The Sterling Brothers. After that match, Sterling Oil’s strategist Richard R. Russell calls out Damien to talk about his recent losing streak. He enters, and Russell essentially puts Damien down and tells him he’s fired from Sterling Oil. As Russell and his men go to leave, Damien grabs Shawn’s Undisputed Championship belt and hits him across the back to what I can only assume would be a rapturous ovation from the fans. Damien lets Sterling Oil know that he’s coming for the belt to become a two-time Undisputed Champion. At Summerhil Showdown 2018, Damien defeats Alan Sterling then defeats his brother William in Montrose the next month. At a February/March event in Newtonhill, Damien defeats the final Sterling Oil member other than Shawn Johnson as he overcomes Crusher Craib before announcing his participation in that year’s Regal Rumble Match. Damien enters at #10 and eliminates everyone in sight, lastly tossing out Crusher Craib to earn the right to face Shawn Johnson for the Undisputed Championship in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy 2018. En-route to the Beach Ballroom title match, Sterling Oil beat down Damien at shows in Westhill and Stonehaven. In the title match itself, Damien overcomes the odds to become Undisputed Champion for the second time in his career after wiping out the remainder of Sterling Oil at ringside.

2. Crusher Craib
When: Summerhill Showdown 2019
How: With Damien now out of Sterling Oil, the other members are out to get him. After Shawn Johnson fails in his championship rematch at the 2018 Battle of the Nations, Damien remains champion heading into 2019. At Christmas Chaos, one year on from Damien breaking away from Sterling Oil, The Revolutionary retains his title against Scotty Swift and Andy Wild in a Triple Threat Match while Crusher Craib defeats Bryan Tucker to become the #1 contender for Summerhill Showdown. At the first show of 2019 at the Summerhill Hotel, Crusher Craib becomes the first three-time Undisputed Champion in WrestleZone history by defeating Damien following three huge Big Boots.

3. Johnny Lions
When: Aberdeen Anarchy 2019
How: As Crusher Craib rules over the WrestleZone roster as champion, his Aberdeen Anarchy challenger is revealed at the 2019 Regal Rumble. The final four comes down to Johnny Lions (entrant 2), Shawn Johnson (entrant 7), Damien (entrant 12) and Kid Fite (entrant 17). After Johnny dumps out Fite and Damien eliminates Johnson, The Tenacious One tosses his former tag team partner over the ropes to win his first Regal Rumble Match as we had a rematch of the first ever Aberdeen Anarchy event signed for the 2019 edition. On the road to the Beach Ballroom, Damien continuously comes to the aid of his former ally to fight off Sterling Oil (at this point consisting of Crusher Craib, Shawn Johnson, The Sterling Brothers and Zach Dynamite who would be a perfect member) until they’re eventually able to dismantle Lions in Stonehaven. At Aberdeen Anarchy, the referee is taken out and Sterling Oil run out to interfere. But before they can do any damage, Scotty Swift leads the WrestleZone roster (Bryan Tucker, Bradley Evans, Mr P, Bingo Ballance, etc.) to the ring to fight them off. This allows Johnny to take Crusher off the top rope with a super Lion Cutter to tie Crusher’s record and become the second three-time Undisputed Champion.

4. Kid Fite
When: Battle of the Nations 2019
How: Johnny Lions’ third reign as Undisputed Champion doesn’t last too long as he loses the gold two months later at the 2019 Battle of the Nations to Kid Fite, who has help from Lou King Sharp and Krieger as they bring The Fite Network to the Granite City.

5. Aspen Faith
When: Aberdeen Anarchy 2020
How: By the end of 2019, Aspen Faith has grown more in his technical wrestling skills which has gained him a lot of support from the fans, who are mesmerised at what he’s capable of. Heading in to the 2020 Regal Rumble, The King of Catch is a favourite to win the whole thing and he does so by eliminating Lou King Sharp and Krieger at the same time. As he celebrates his win, reigning Undisputed Champion Kid Fite bursts through the curtain and tries to ambush him with the belt but Faith sees it coming and lays Fite out with a Tombstone Piledriver. WrestleZone management give Aspen the opportunity to have the other two members of The Fite Network barred from ringside during the title match if he’s able to defeat them in seperate singles matches. He agrees, going on to defeat Sharp in Westhill and Krieger in Inverurie to ensure there’s a clean winner come Aberdeen Anarchy. In a hard fought match, Aspen finally achieves his goal of becoming the Undisputed Champion by defeating Fite after dropping him with a Tombstone and making him submit to his Last Minute fujiwara armbar submission hold to lift the gold.

So, it takes us through a few years in WrestleZone but those are the five men who I think will be the next Undisputed Champions. Who do you think will go on to lift the gold in the future?